03 Sept 2019 - WOD


A) Conditioning

This is the last week of 1 minute intervals, enjoy them because it's going to start getting emotional next week.


10 x 1 minute : 1 minute off
Row for calories (Or assault bike)
* If you did this last week, aim to add 1-2 calories to your average
* This should be a very hard effort each minute
* Breathing gears 4 & 5

* We are trying to develop the anaerobic system so we need G4 breathing at a minimum (no G1 to G3). Start each interval in G4 (nasal inhale + mouth exhale) and progress to G5 (mouth inhale + mouth exhale) when needed

B) Gymnastics Skill
Practice getting inverted! This could be headstands, handstands, handstand walking etc