09 Sept 2019 - How to end the Summer feeling AWESOME!

Typically, summer is a time we indulge, whether it’s time spent in beer gardens, various holidays or mini-breaks and less time in the gym, but instead of coming out the other side feeling foggy, tired and maybe carrying a little more “holiday weight” than we would like to admit, why not come out the other side feeling awesome and in great shape?

With the end of summer approaching, the Whole Life Challenge which runs for 6 weeks from the 28th September is perfectly timed.

The Challenge provides a framework to follow every day that emphasises healthy nutrition, exercise, mobility, sleep, hydration, well-being, and reflection. Once the challenge begins there are targets to hit every day under each of those areas. What’s great is that you don’t have to be perfect to succeed, it’s about small changes than when accumulated make a huge difference.

Nutrition: A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, good fats and quality proteins. Avoiding grains, sugar, alcohol, fried food. There are 3 difficulty levels based on where you are now and where you want to be.

Exercise: Be active for 10 minutes every day

Mobility: Mobilise/Stretch for 10 minutes every day

Sleep: Set a sleep target for the 6 weeks and aim to hit it every night

Hydrate: At a minimum drink X ounces of water everyday (your body weight in lbs divided by 3)

Well-being: Defined as a small action you can take every day to improve your well being. The WLC provides you with small tasks each week, this might be to meditate for 10 minutes, read up a book, spend less time on social media, reach out to a friend, organise a disheveled space etc - Anything that has the potential to positively impact your life.

Reflection: At the end of the day (when you log your results online) write briefly about how the day went.

For each task you complete successfully you earn yourself some points and all this is recorded via your profile on the WLC website. As this is a ‘game” you can earn bonus tokens you can ‘spend’, hit your nutrition targets for 5 days in a row? Then you can earn a token to indulge a little. Get a streak on your sleep targets? Then earn a pass to have a night out.

Whilst these tasks may seem “easy” and you tell yourself you can do this without being part of the Challenge, saying and doing are two very different things. The best part about joining the challenge is the accountability! You have the community of your 1864 team-mates as well as logging your results each day to help keep you honest and accountable, this is by far the most powerful aspect of the Whole Life Challenge.

WLC Dates for Your Calendar

28th Sept - The Challenge Begins!

Day 1 of the challenge starts with a trip to the gym. Come down to the WLC CrossFit Class at 1864 to complete your baseline workout and take your body measurements. These will be repeated at the end of the 6 weeks.

5th Oct - WLC Pot-Luck Party @ Olivia’s, Lance & Coach David’s pad

These guys have kindly offered to host a WLC pot-luck party. The concept is simple, cook your favourite WLC compliant dish and bring it along (have some copies of the recipes printed too!). Try out some new and exciting food and get some ideas on what healthy, tasty foods you can cook. Even better, save up an indulgence token or two and enjoy a drink with friends.

9th Nov - The Challenge Ends!

On the final day, we take to the gym to re-test our baseline workout and check our body measurements. We will end the challenge by heading to Canary Wharf for a celebratory meal.

To join the Whole Life Challenge and be part of Team CrossFit 1864, follow this link!


A) Conditioning
5 x 3 minutes on : 3 minutes off
30/20 Calorie row (or 20/15 Calorie bike)
20 Wall balls (9/6 kg)
Max rep power cleans 60/40kg in the remaining time

* Rx+: 30 wall balls & cleans @ 70/45kg
* Breathing in G4 (nose inhale / mouth exhale) and G5 (all mouth) only.
* Start each round in G4 then change to G5 when needed
* This is all about intensity, go hard and hold on!

*At the end of each round enter the recovery breathing protocol:
5 Mouth/Mouth breaths
7 Nose/mouth breaths
9 Nasal only breaths
*This is about controlling your breathing and bringing your heart rate down quickly