CrossFit Open 11.5

13 Jan 15 - The Whole Life Challenge Starts this Weekend!

First of all, congrats to all our members and friends who have signed up for The Whole Life Challenge! We know this is a big commitment, but we can promise you that it is well worth it. Not only will you see significant improvements in your fitness and health over the next 8 weeks, you will also learn loads about yourself, nutrition and also get to know your fellow athletes better! Winning all 'round!

Now that you've signed up, what's next?

The Baseline

First thing's first, we need to set up a baseline, something that you will be able to look back on in 8 weeks and chart your progress...

On Thursday 15 January, all of our class WODs will serve as our Whole Life Challenge baseline WOD, which we will re-do at the end of the Challenge (these classes are still open to all members, regardless of if you have signed up for the Challenge or not). This workout is part of your “Body and Fitness Inventory,” and it is an important event because it establishes your starting point. On Thursday, we will also be taking a few numbers: weight and waist and hips measurements. We also encourage you to take a picture of yourself as a 'Before' shot and in 8 weeks, you can take an 'After', which you can upload to your Whole Life Challenge profile. 

If for any reason, you can't make it to any of the classes on Thursday, please let me know and we will plan another session to establish your baseline.

Do your homework

Be sure to review these as it's crucial that you follow them during the Challenge!

Choose your Level

As we mentioned in our recent blog (which you can read here), the Challenge offers 3 different levels: Kickstart, Lifestyle and Performance. When you begin the Challenge, you'll need to pick which level you are playing at and stick it throughout the 8 weeks. We strongly encourage everyone to go for the 'Lifestyle' level as you will see the greatest improvements with this level and also will be more likely to stick with it after the Challenge has finished. 

If you are unsure which level to choose, please let us know and we'll be happy to help!

Get excited about all the extra things we'll have for you during the Challenge!

Living Room WODs
During the Challenge, you will need to exercise for at least 10 minutes a day. We know that you won't be able to come to the box every day of the week so, similar to our holiday WODs, we will be posting a 10 minute Living Room WOD every day, that you will be able to do at home. 

Mobility Homework
In addition to the mobility homework we send out every week, we will also be posting additional mobility exercise ideas to Facebook and emailing them to you guys so you have plenty of options for your 10 minutes of daily mobility!

Whole Life Challenge-Friendly Recipes
Just because you're eating clean, doesn't mean your meals are going to consist solely of grilled chicken and broccoli! Quite the contrary, there are loads of blogs, cookbooks and recipes out there to experiment with and we will be posting recipes and ideas to help you prepare your meals regularly. 

Special Events!
Throughout the Challenge we will be hosting special events, starting with our Regularly Learn and Play New Sports Day on 25 January. We will also be hosting a friendly throwdown with our good friends at CrossFit Hackney, a special, Whole Life Challenge brunch at Ozone Coffee on Leonard Street (near Old Street) and loads more!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch and if you have any friends or family that would like to join (even if they're not CF1864 members!) send them this link to get involved:

We're so excited to get this rolling, and hope you guys are too! 

The 2015 CrossFit Open is getting closer! Keep your eyes on our blog for more details on what the Open is and how you can get involved


Skills Focus
CrossFit Open 11.5
20 minute AMRAP:
5 Power cleans (65/45 kg)
10 Toes to bar
15 Wall balls (9/6 kg)

Fitness Focus
20 min AMRAP:
5 Hang muscle clean
10 Hollow rocks
15 Wall balls