Partner WOD

14 Jan 2017 – Will you be my Swolemate?

Do you believe in Cupid's Arrow? Perhaps a bit juvenile... How about Love at First Sight? Only in Disney movies... Ok.... do you believe in Swolemates?? Of course you do! Find yours and get ready to THROWDOWN. 

Back for its second year, Will you be my Swolemate? is a mixed pairs throwdown at CrossFit 1864 taking place on Sunday 12 February from 9 am - noon. Because, what else would you want to be doing the weekend before Valentine's Day??

The day will consist of 3 partner WODs and one BIG. BAD. HEARTBREAKER of a final! 

The Rules

  • Teams must be Girl/Boy (if we have an uneven number of interested athletes, your coaches will make sure you have a team) 
  • We will have scalings for the WODs on the day, just as you would do for a class. You will be able to use different scalings from your partner (e.g. both athletes don't need to have pull-ups to be on a team together)
  • You CANNOT partner with your Significant Other

How to Sign Up

  • We will have a sheet on the whiteboard for you to sign up your team
  • If you don't have a partner yet, put your name on the sign up sheet and Coach Cupid will set you up on your first Swolemate Date
  • Once we confirm the participants, we'll be sending around an email asking for your team name (the most important part of the Throwdown!)

Team Blue Steel after last year's Swolemate Throwdown

As always, friends, family and real life Significant Others are more than welcome to come down and cheer you on!

Any questions? Send them to

A) Team Conditioning
In pairs, complete for time:
60 Clean & Jerk (60/40 kg)
1000m Row
20 Rope climbs
1000m Row
100 Burpees

* The C&J, rope climbs and burpees must be completed in an 'I go, you go" format. Split the rowing as needed
** Time cap: 35 minutes


30 August 2016 – WOD


A) Conditioning: Partner WOD

20 minute AMRAP:
21 Wall balls (9/6 kg)
15 Calorie row
9 Toes to bar

*As soon as the the athlete on the rower has finished, the next athlete can start. The athlete on the wall balls cannot start until the athlete in front has finished the row

B) Bonus Gainz

3 sets:
20 Weighted Abmat Sit ups
20 Good Mornings

09 Sept 2015 – Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy Birthday to Us!

1 Year,  loads of WODs, tons of steel, mountains of chalk, buckets of sweat and more wall balls and burpees than we would like to remember. 

The past 12 months would not have been possible without the support of Blane, Shirls, Dan, Kevin, Andy, James and all the guys at Parkour Generations, our good friends and of course, our members aka You Guys! A massive thanks to everyone who helped make this past year flipping awesome and here's to another year of great times and heavy lifting!

Enjoy this special Birthday WOD and be sure to stay/drop by for a small celebration after the 6 pm class!


A) Working in partners in an 'I go, you go' format,
18 minute AMRAP:

6 Front squat (60/40 kg)
4 Shoulder to overhead (60/40 kg)

* Every 4 minutes, teams will complete 9 synchronised barbell lunges

B) For time:
Eat birthday cake

03 Aug 2015 – Bar Muscle-up Skills

A) Gymnastic Skill: Bar Muscle-up

B) Conditioning
B1) In 12 minutes get as far as possible:
1, 2, 3 Bar/Ring Muscle-ups
2, 4, 6 Front rack lunge (70/45 kg)
2, 4, 6 Ring/Russian dips
2, 4, 6 Front rack lunge (50/35 kg)

B2) "I go, you go" - 6 minutes to get as far as possible
20m, 40m, 60m Shuttle sprint
'Resting partner' must hold a plank position

- P1 completes a 20m shuttle while P2 holds a plank. P2 then completes a 20m shuttle while P1 holds a plank
- P1 then completes 1 x 40m Shuttle, while P2 holds a plank. P2 then completes a 40m shuttle while P1 holds a plank

01 Aug 2015 – WOD



A) General Strength
Alternating EMOM x 10:
Even minutes: 5 Back squats at 75%+
Odd minutes: 5-10 Handstand push ups (or 3-6 Wall climbs)

B) "I go, you go"

3 minutes: 5 Bench press (70/45 kg)
- Rest 1 minute -
3 minutes: 6 Calorie Assault Bike
- Rest 1 minute -
3 minutes: 7 Ring row
- Rest 1 minute -
3 minutes: 8 Calorie Row
- Rest 1 minute -
3 minutes: 9 Slam ball