air squat

11 Feb 2019 - WOD


A) Strength: Deadlift
Every 30 seconds, for 10 minutes, perform 1 deadlift
* Pick a load you can move with speed

B) Conditioning
6 rounds for time:
10 Strict pull-ups
15 Push-ups
20 Air squats
25 Double unders
* Time cap: 18 minutes
* Aim to stick with nasal breathing
* Inhale on the eccentric and exhale on the concentric

05 Feb 2019 - Why is Coach Kike in the Open?

Kike is in the Open, are you?


A) Breath Holds & Pulmonary Warm-up
10 minutes, for quality:
3 Breaths
5 Burpees, nasal breathing only
3 Breaths
Max air squat on exhale breath hold

B) Gymnastics Skill: Muscle-Ups

C) Conditioning
Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes
5 Muscle-ups
15 Wall balls 9/6kg
45 Double under
* Nasal breathing only

Immediately into....

12 minute AMRAP:
5 Muscle-ups
15 Wall balls (9/6 kg)
45 Double under
* Gear 4 (nose/mouth) allowed

20 Oct 2018 – "Tabata This"


A) Conditioning
"Tabata This"
Tabata Row (Calories)
– Rest 1 minute –
Tabata Air Squat
– Rest 1 minute –
Tabata Pull-up
– Rest 1 minute –
Tabata Push-up
– Rest 1 minute –
Tabata AbMat Sit-up

The Tabata interval is 20 secs of work followed by 10 secs of rest for 8 intervals.
Tabata score is the lowest reps performed in any of the intervals.

18 Oct 2018 – Announcing: WOD with a Friend, Saturday 10 November

You love CrossFit. You love the banter with your fellow athletes before a WOD starts; you love the community; you love learning new skills; you love challenging yourself and pushing beyond your limits; you love the post-WOD endorphins; you love the progress you're making and the fact that you're now feeling healthier, fitter, and stronger than you have ever felt before.

So why not share the love with your friends, family and co-workers?

Do you know someone you think would love CrossFit and being part of our community?

Bring them in on Saturday 10 November for our "WOD with a Friend"!

We will be hosting a special partner WOD on Saturday 10 November in all of our CrossFit classes (9.30 am, 10.30 am, 11.30 am) and we want you to bring your friends along! The session is free for all members and their friends.

How do I sign up my friend for the session?

There are a few ways you can do this…

The best way is to send Coach Maria an email with your friend’s contact details (e-mail and/or mobile number) and the time you would both like to train. She’ll get in touch with your friend to get them set up.

The second way is to let one of the coaches at the box know that you will be bringing in a friend. They’ll give you a piece of paper to write down your friend’s contact details and the time you would like to train, and we’ll be in touch with your friend soon to confirm their class booking.

The final way is to simply bring your friend in on the day! Please make sure that you arrive for class at least 10-15 minutes before it starts so your friend can fill out the necessary forms and meet the coach leading the session.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Coach Maria.


A) Cycle 5 - Gymnastics Tests: Pull-up
1-2 attempts at a max rep set (kipping)

B) Cycle 5 - Gymnastics / Conditioning Test

20 minute AMRAP:
2 Muscle-ups
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 Kettlebell Swings (32/24 kg)


For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 AbMat sit-ups
100 Air squats

04 June 2018 – Announcing The Beach Brawl!

Sun's out, Guns out!

We are very excited to announce this year's summer throwdown,

The Beach Brawl

The Beach Brawl is a mixed (male/female) pairs throwdown at CrossFit 1864 taking place on Saturday 30 June from 9 am. The day will consist of 3 partner WODs and a Final.

The Rules

  • Teams must be Girl/Boy (if we have an uneven number of interested athletes, your coaches will make sure you have a team) 
  • We will have scalings for the WODs on the day, just as you would do for a class. You will be able to use different scalings from your partner (e.g. both athletes don't need to have pull-ups to be on a team together)

How to Sign Up

  • We will have a sheet beside the whiteboard for you to sign up your team
  • If you don't have a partner yet, put your name on the sign up sheet and the coaches will make sure you have a partner
  • The Throwdown is free for all CF1864 members

As always, friends and family are more than welcome to come down and cheer you on!

Any questions? Send them to


A) Conditioning
Every 2 minutes for 28 minutes, alternate between:
Row for distance
AMRAP of "Cindy"

* This week is going to set your benchmark for the coming weeks
* Move at a sustainable pace (i.e similar scores each round)
* Make a note of your average rowing distance & your average total number of reps completed
* If using a heart rate monitor aim for 65-80% of your max HR

29 April 2018 - WOD


Engine Work (9 – 10 am)

3 x 6 minutes on : 6 minutes off

700m Run
In remaining time, perform an AMRAP of "Cindy":
5 Pull-up
10 Push-up
15 Air squats

Specialist Sundays (10 – 11 am)

A) Weightlifting - Snatch

A1) Snatch push press: 5 x 3

A2) Snatch + Overhead squat: Build to a heavy 2+2

A3) Snatch deadlift + Snatch pull from above the knee: 5x 3+3

Women's Only Class (11 am – Noon)


A) 3-5 rounds, for quality:
10 Ring push-ups
5-10 Strict pull/chin-ups
10 Curl-ups, with 2 second pause at the top

B) 3-5 rounds, for quality:
5 Pike press to headstand
5 Box jumps (land and stick) - building in height
10 Straight arm barbell sweeps

C) Handstand and handstand walking practice

23 Jan 2018 – WOD



A) Conditioning: Threshold

A1) With a clock set for 12 minutes:
1 minute: Clean & jerk (60/40 kg)
1 minute: Row for calories
2 minutes: Clean & jerk (60/40 kg)
2 minute: Row for calories
3 minutes: Clean & jerk (60/40 kg)
3 minutes: Row for calories

– 5 minutes rest –

A2) With a clock set for 12 minutes:
1 minute: Double unders
1 minute: AMRAP: 5 Pull-up + 10 Push-up + 15 Air squat
2 minutes: Double unders
2 minute: AMRAP: 5 Pull-up + 10 Push-up + 15 Air squat
3 minutes: Double unders
3 minutes: AMRAP: 5 Pull-up + 10 Push-up + 15 Air squat

* Go at a hard but sustainable pace


A) Assault bike

Every 3 minutes for 30 minutes:
45 second assault bike for max calories⠀

05 Oct 2017 – WOD


A) Conditioning: Lactate Threshold (Aerobic Power Group)
3 x 6 minutes on : 6 minutes off
700 m Run
In remaining time, perform an AMRAP of "Strict Cindy":
5 Strict pull-up
10 Push-up
15 Air squats

*Longer intervals at threshold intensities
*Lower work:rest ratio results in incomplete recovery
*Work a hard, but sustainable pace

A) Conditioning: Aerobic Threshold (Aerobic Capacity Group)
Every 2 minutes, for 34 minutes alternate between: 
- 200m
- 2 rounds of "Strict Cindy":
5 Strict pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air squats

*This should be performed at a conversational pace, so adjust distances, reps and loads as required
*You should not be missing rounds, struggling to breathe, collapsing with hands on knees
*If this feels easy, you are doing it right


It's time to get chilly!

Here are two ways to introduce cold water therapy into your recovery methods.

Cold water immersion: This is exactly what it says and it’s what is being done by athletes when you see them up to their neck in ice baths. Fill your bath tub with cold water and add a bag or two of ice. Start small and aim for 1-3 minutes with the goal of building to 15 minutes.

Contrast therapy: Stand in the shower and alternate between 30-60 seconds of warm/hot water and 30-60 seconds of cold water. Aim for 5-15 sets