bicep curl

02 June 2019 - WOD


Engine Work

With a partner, complete 8 rounds (4 each) of:
500m Row
21 Kettlebell swings (24/16 kg)
12 Burpees

* Alternate complete rounds
* Lots of rest, so push hard on each round!

Specialist Sundays


A) Tall clean: 5 x 3

B) Push jerk: 5 x 3

C) Clean pulls: 4 x 3 @ 90%

Barbelles Lifting Class

A) Snatch Grip RDL
4 x 6 @ 90-100% of Snatch

B) Accessory: Posterior Chain Strength Development
B1) Medball Hamstring Curls 3 x 6-8
B2) Banded Heels Elevated Glute Bridge 3 x 20

C) Accessory: Gymnastics Strength Development
C1) T Bar Rows 3 x 10
C2) Push Ups 3 x 10
C3) Bicep Curls 3 x 12-15

15 April 2019 - WOD


A) Strength / Conditioning
2 rounds of:
Every minute for 5 minutes:
15/12 Calorie row
Every minute for 5 minutes:
5 Unbroken deadlifts @ 70%+
Every minute for 5 minutes:
15 Burpees

* The deadlifts will get challenging, try and pick something heavy but doable
* Rx+: 20/15 Calorie row

B) Strength / Accessory
2-4 Rounds, for quality:
Barbell bicep curls for a "21 set"
100ft Gun walk
8 Nordic curls, partner assisted

06 Mar 2019 - Meet the Legends: David Caetano

Because coaches can be legends too!

David, or “The Diva” as Coach Maria calls him, joined us when he was only 12 years old.

Ok, maybe he wasn’t actually 12, but check that baby face in the second photo!

We remember well one of David’s first workouts… it was the Spring of 2016 and David and the rest of the class went out for their first 400 m run. They came back in in about 90 seconds, did some work, then headed back out the door for their second run. When they hadn’t returned in nearly four minutes, Coach Maria got worried and headed out to look for them. An exemplar of the CrossFit Community spirit, the class had put their workout on pause and were tending to poor David as he lost his lunch on the side of the road…

In just over three years, David has developed his own trademark moves (his post-WOD ‘Hit by a Sniper’ Collapse is a thing of beauty), trademark clothing (no one can rock booty shorts quite like him) and even a trademark Instagram filter (was he even alive when VCRs were around??) - we couldn’t imagine the box without him!

Read on to learn more about this Legend…

What do you do for a living?
Well, I'm a coach and the gym manager of the best box in London...

How long have you been doing CrossFit, and what is your favourite thing about it?
I have been doing CrossFit for three years and some change. My favourite thing is the constant opportunity to get better.

What is your biggest achievement since starting CrossFit?

There has been two: when I PB’ed my max set of ring muscle ups, two years after after my taster session where I couldn't do a ring dip, and when I got my 100kg Clean & Jerk. There were some tears shed later that day.

What are your present training goals?
Keep getting better! I would love to get back to competing but focusing on getting my strength numbers up at the moment (GET BIG SZN BOOOY!)

What's the biggest pearl of wisdom you could offer to other CrossFitters, or those thinking about starting?
Enjoy every single class and HAVE FUN! Most people focus on their big goals (which is great!), but they sometimes forget to enjoy the daily grind. AND focus on technique....

What nickname did you have growing up, and why?
My family called me (and still does) Didita. I don't know why?

If you could do one job for the rest of your life (and money was no issue) what would you do and why?Refurbish old houses/buildings

What is your secret talent?
I can talk like Donald Duck and I can distinguish types of rices based on smell when boiling. Don't ask questions…


A) Strength
Every 3 minutes, for 15 minutes (5 sets):
3 Sumo deadlift
* Start at 75% of 1RM and build

B) Accessory
3-4 rounds:
20 Dumbbell walking lunges (at shoulder)
10-15 Dumbbell bench press @ tempo 31X1
10-15 Ring rows @ tempo 31X1
30 Partner wall ball sit-up (15 each)

C) Finisher (if time allows):
6 x 20 seconds on, 10 seconds of:
Bicep curls
* Dumbbells or barbell, choose your weapon

28 Feb 2018 - Want to know the secret to smashing the Open and hitting PBs?

Join us on Saturday 3 March after Open 18.3 to learn the secret (that's not actually that secret) to smashing the Open and hitting PBs... and guess what? It's pretty easy too! 

Coach Phil talks 'Recovery'

After the success of the 'Programming' talk, Coach Phil has prepared one on the 'controversial' topic of recovery.

If you want to slay some huge PBs, get the most out of your training and learn how to optimise your performance, then don't miss this!


A) Strength
Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes, alternate between:
5 Bench press
5 Power cleans, touch and go

* Choose a load you will be confident of completing all the rounds with
* A guide is 70-80% 1RM
* We will be increasing from here next week

B) Accessory
3-5 rounds:
10-12 Dumbbell rows, per side
10-12 Half kneeling strict press, per side
12-15 Barbell skull crushers
12-15 Barbell bicep curl

04 Feb 2018 – WOD


Women's Only Class (11 am – Noon)

A) Gymnastics Development

24 x 15 second on : 20 seconds off, alternate between:
Chest to bar hold
Ring support
Dip support
L-sit hold

B) Strength Development

20 minute AMRAP, for quality

10/10 Front foot elevated reverse lunge - Barbell in front rack
15 Hip bridge
10/10 Dumbbell row
15 Barbell bicep curls

C) Conditioning (Optional)

Specialist Sundays (10 – 11 am)

A) Snatch balance:
2 x 3
2 x 2
2 x 1

* You should be able to snatch balance more than your 1RM snatch, if not then we have found a area to develop!

B) 3 Position snatch
5-7 sets, building in load

C) Snatch pull
5 x 3

Engine Work (9 – 10 am)

4 x 3 minutes on : 3 minutes off:

20 Burpees to target
15/10 Calorie row (or 12/9 assault bike)
Max dumbbell snatch in the remaining time

06 Oct 2017 – Your Journey

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.
— Arthur Ashe

As we progress in our training journey, it's easy for us to focus on where we are presently at and often we think about all the things we still want to achieve.

Rarely do we take the time to look back at just how far we have progressed, what we have learned, what we have achieved and what we have overcome.

Take 15 minutes to plot your fitness journey since you began training with us at CrossFit 1864:

Take a look at some pictures prior to when you began training.
What was your diet like then?
How much did you weigh?
What were you able to lift?
What complex movements could you do?
How did you feel day-to-day (mood, energy etc)?

Here is where I began…

In 2009 when I started CrossFit, I was 22 years old and weighed all of 59 kg (I came from an endurance sports background), I could not front squat my own (meagre) bodyweight and anything that required high intensity would leave me feeling violated. I was very much an introvert and was socially pretty awkward….

Fast forward to today. I weigh 75 kg (a healthy bodyweight for my height), I can front squat 150 kg (that's over 100 kg added from my first attempt), I have more energy than ever before and I feel like I can tackle any task that's put in front of me. I have grown so much in confidence that I can stand in front of classes of 30 people and be comfortable as the centre of attention (unthinkable in the early days).

My life then to now is different in almost every single way and I could not be happier.

Thinking of where I started and how much I have grown physically and mentally really puts the day-to-day disappointments of missing a PB or a crappy workout into perspective …I am in this for the long game and I plan to enjoy every second of it.


Strength: Complex Method (Aerobic Power Group)

A1) Bench press: 2 x 2-3 @ 90% 1RM, 3 minutes rest between sets

– Rest 3 minutes –

A2) Dynamic push-up: 3 x 8 as explosively as possible, rest 90 seconds between sets

A3) Repeat A1 & A2

* Aimed to increase strength & explosive power
* Development of nervous system to recruit muscle fibres

Strength: Strength/Aerobic Method (Aerobic Capacity)

A1) Bench press: Take 20 minutes to build to a heavy set of 3 reps

A2) Bench press: 4 x 10 @ 50% 1RM, tempo 2020

* Fast and slow twitch fibre strength development
* Sustain repetitive high power output

B) Accessory (All Athletes)

B1) 3-5 Supersets:
10 Unsupported seated dumbbell press @ 2111
10/10 Single arm ring row
20 Banded 'W' face pulls

B2) Isolation
3 Supersets
10 Barbell bicep curls @ 3111
10 Barbell skull crushers @ 3111


2km Training, Week 3

*Sessions will be General Endurance, General Speed & Specific Training
*What is your present 2km PB split?
*What is your goal time (for the end of the cycle), 10-15 seconds faster is a solid goal

A) Specific Training

2 rounds of : 5 x 400m @ target split, rest 35 seconds between each
- Rest 3 minutes between rounds -


It's time to get chilly!

Here are two ways to introduce cold water therapy into your recovery methods.

Cold water immersion: This is exactly what it says and it’s what is being done by athletes when you see them up to their neck in ice baths. Fill your bath tub with cold water and add a bag or two of ice. Start small and aim for 1-3 minutes with the goal of building to 15 minutes.

Contrast therapy: Stand in the shower and alternate between 30-60 seconds of warm/hot water and 30-60 seconds of cold water. Aim for 5-15 sets