08 July 2019 - Register for Coach Aoife's Swimming Speciality Course

Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced level swimmer interested in developing your swimming skills?

Then, sign up for Coach Aoife's Swimming Speciality Course, starting 29 July!

In this 6 week course, you will:⁣

  • Learn the common swimming strokes⁣, refine your technique and learn new skills

  • Improve efficiency ⁣

  • Develop swim specific conditioning over small, medium and long distances⁣

  • Gain confidence in the water!⁣ ⁣

At the end of the course, there will be a swim event to put your new skills and conditioning to the test.⁣ ⁣There are only 4 spaces remaining, so make sure you sign up today!


A) Conditioning
* Breathing in gears 1-3
* At the end of every round, stop moving, perform 5 normal nasal breaths, then perform a max inhale breath hold.
* Take note of these breath hold times

6 x 5 minute on : 1 minute off:
400m Run
10 Toes to bar
15 Wall balls (9/6 kg)
Row or bike for calories in the remaining time
* Rx+: 15 Toes to bar & 20 Wall balls

29 April 2019 - WOD


A) Strength / Conditioning
Every minute for 5 minutes:
5 Push press @ heavy as possible

- 2 minute rest -

Every minute for 10 minutes, alternate between:
45 seconds: Max calorie row (or bike)
45 seconds: Max burpee box jump over (24/20 in)

- 2 minute rest -

Every minute for 5 minutes:
5 Push press @ heavy as possible

B) Accessory
3-5 Sets of:
10/10 Single arm dumbbell row
10 Banded snow angels

08 April 2019 - WOD


A) Conditioning
4 x 5 minutes on : 2 minutes off, alternate between i and ii
* Nasal breathing only, gears 1 to 3

i) Pick a monostructural movement (row, bike, run)

2, 4, 6...
Deadlift 102.5 / 70kg
2, 4, 6...
Handstand Push-Up

B) Positional awareness
3-5 rounds, for quality:
1 minute forearm plank (add load if required)
50ft single arm overhead carry, left arm
50ft single arm overhead carry, right arm
* Nasal breathing only
* Aim for full breaths

31 Mar 2019 - mumWOD

Wishing a very happy Mother’s Day to all the mums of CrossFit 1864!


Engine Work - the mumWOD Edition

With partner, alternate complete rounds to get as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of:
300m Row or 0.6 km bike
21 Kettlebell swings (32/24 kg)
15 Goblet squats
9 Burpees
* Each round should be performed at a sprint pace (remember you get to rest when your partner works!)

Specialist Sundays

A) Skill Work
3 sets of 3 tall jerk + 3 Push jerk (Behind the neck, in split)

B) Olympic Lifting: Jerk

Every 90 seconds, for 6 minutes (4 sets): 2 Pause jerk + 1 Split Jerk
* Start at 70% of 1RM jerk and build
* Pause is in the dip

C) Olympic Lifting: Cleans

Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes, perform 3 reps (drop and re-set each rep)
* Start at 70% of 1RM clean and build

D) Accessory Work
Push press (Behind the Neck): 4 x 5 @ 70% of push press

Barbelles Lifting Class

A) Strength
Zercher Squat: 4 x 6

B) Accessory

B1) Bulgarian Split Squats: 3 x 10
B2) Ring Dip Negative (or Strict): 3 x 5

C) Handstand and Headstand Practice

24 Jan 2019 - WOD


A) Conditioning & Breath Holds

4 x 6 minutes on : 2 minutes off, alternate between A1 and A2:

A1) Row, bike or run for distance
*Nasal breathing only

4, 6, 8...
Thrusters (42.5/30 kg)
Bar facing burpees
*Nasal breathing only

* At the end of each 4 minute interval perform 5 normal breaths followed by a max inhale hold.
*Time the length of each of these holds

17 Apr 2018 – WOD


A) Gymnastics

10-15 minute AMRAP, for quality:
3 Strict pull-ups
3 Strict knees to elbows
3 Strict toes to bar

* Wear a weight vest if you are a ninja

B) Conditioning

5 rounds for max reps:
1 minute: Bike/row for calories
1 minute: Wall balls (9/6 kg)
1 minute: Double unders
1 minute: Rest


A) Row

Work with a partner, complete 8 x 400m (each)

* Rest while your partner works
* Start at faster than 5km PB pace, aim to increase the pace on every round.

14 Oct 2017 – Coach Salt's Lessons from the London Marathon

It's marathon time again! Or at least it's the very daunting time when runners have found out if they have their place in the 2018 London Marathon and eagerly scour the internet for that perfect training plan, read reams of articles on nutrition advice and book into the nearest running shop to have their gate analysed to find that sweet pair of new running kicks. All this excitement has spurred me into writing a blog which I had planned about 5 months ago having just crossed the finishing line of my first marathon. So, at long last, here you go, Salt’s personal lessons from the London Marathon 2017.

Plan your Pre-hab

Many people who take up a long distance running challenge get injured. Running takes a major toll on your joints and ligaments which, if you haven't done much distance running before, they will not be conditioned to. Build pre-hab into your training plan, including solid warm up routines, foam rolling, unilateral strength work, sports massages (if you can afford it) and stick to it. You can’t afford 2-4+ weeks out injured during your training, or even worse missing your event(!) because you didn’t prep your body for the significant change in stimulus.

Running a Marathon won’t make you fitter

CrossFit Level 1 alert: Fitness is a measure of 10 recognised general physical skills. Training for and running a marathon will increase your endurance and stamina, but you will suffer in other areas. I personally did the ‘minimum’ running specific training I believed I could manage, 2 sessions a week. This meant cutting down my CrossFit training from 5 to 3 sessions a week, and favouring sessions focused on Aerobic Capacity rather than Power or Gymnastics. Whilst I was able to get the results I wanted for my marathon, I had to fight to maintain my general fitness level static.

In my experience, a half marathon supplemented my CrossFit training, whereas the marathon took over both my training and a significant portion of my life!

People are really impressed by Marathons

Consider my Grace time and my Marathon time. I’m roughly in the top 15% of finishers for both. When I tell my Mum I PB’ed my Grace time she tells me that that sounds good and she is proud of me, but doesn’t really understand how much commitment has been required to get myself into a position to complete those 2 and a half minutes. Yet, when I crossed the Marathon finish line, it was phenomenal. There was champagne, tears (mostly mine), friends and family got told for weeks on end, it was a clear definition of physical fitness. This isn’t a dig at my Mum, she is lovely, but a representation of people’s perceptions of the input required in achieving your goal.

All you can focus on is your own input over the things you can control. Don’t be steered by others' perceptions of what your goal should be, or their understanding of the effort required for you to make it there. That said; lap it up as much as you can afterwards and shamelessly glug that Champagne!

The London Marathon will trump all other events you do

London is at its very best on Marathon day. The crowds are 6 deep for the full 26 miles, the noise is deafening, strangers even talk to you and congratulate you afterwards! Everyone will have their favourite landmark on the route, and you will see athletes genuinely breaking down in tears as the atmosphere becomes overwhelming. For me there is no better feeling than turning the corner onto Tower Bridge on a crisp bluebird day with the bands playing and the sea of colours from the runners and supporters. You feel like you are flying! I even had the audacity to think I wasn’t going to suffer the inevitable wall in the last 6 miles. I was truly honoured to run in this event and was incredibly proud of London. I can really say it was the hardest, best race I have ever done.


"Hard Labour"

In teams of 3, complete as many rounds a possible in 25 minutes of:
150/100 Calorie bike (+50 calories if on rower)
100 Power Cleans (60/40 kg)
150/100 Calorie bike
80 Push Jerks (60/40 kg)
150/100 Calorie bike
60 Front Squats (60/40 kg)
150/100 Calorie bike
40 Clusters (60/40 kg)
* One person works at a time, split work as needed