breast cancer now

25 Oct 2015 – Kilos for a Cure


Clean & Jerk: In 6 minutes, establish a 1 RM

- Rest 2 minutes, then go straight into...

30 Clean & Jerks for time

Advanced: 60/40 kg
Intermediate: 40/30 kg
Beginner: 30/20 kg

* Time cap: 7 minutes

29 Sept 2015 - Kilos for Pounds

On Sunday 25 October, members from CrossFit boxes and weightlifting clubs across London will join us at CrossFit 1864 for Kilos for a Cure, a special fundraising WOD in support of the charity, Breast Cancer Now.

We have been bowled over by the support we've received and the number of people who will be attending, but WE WANT MORE

So, alongside Kilos for a Cure, we are planning the Kilos for Pounds initiative.

Kilos for Pounds gives businesses and individuals the opportunity to sponsor an athlete, group of athletes, or the event as a whole by matching the number of kilos lifted with a cash donation (pounds!).

This is your chance to get creative and give as much as you like. For example, you could match the heaviest 1 rep max clean & jerk with a cash donation, match the kilos of all lifters in the beginners category, match the kilos lifted by that special athlete you have a crush on, or match the kilos of all lifters getting Grace done in less than 3 minutes (give us a challenge!).

The possibilities are endless, 100% of the donations go to our charity and every pound will bring us one step closer to finding a cure for breast cancer. 

Want to get involved or know someone who would?

E-mail Coach Maria ( or call +44 771 784 2125.


A) General strength
Every 3 minutes for 5 rounds:
5 Strict press (Start at 70% of 1RM, if known, and climb)
10 Kettlebell swings (AHAP)

B) Conditioning
5 rounds for time of:
8 Bar-facing burpee
8 Deadlifts (100 / 70 kg)
8 Toes to bar

(Time cap: 12 minutes)