handstand hold

26 May 2019 - Memorial Day Murph is Monday!

Have you signed up for your heat?


Engine Work

A) Conditioning
With a partner complete 30 minutes of rowing for max metres
* Partners must switch every 90 seconds, this will be 10 sets per person

Specialist Sundays


A) Muscle snatch: 5 x 3
B) Tall snatch: 5 x 3
C) Back squat: 4 x 3 @ 75%

Barbelle’s Lifting Class

A) Sumo Deadlifts: 4 x 5 @ 8-9 RPE

B) Accessory
B1) RNT Split Squats 3 x 10
B2) Landmine Single Leg RDL 3 x 10

C) 12 Minute EMOM
Min 1: 3-5 Negative or Strict Pull Ups
Min 2: 3-5 Negative or Strict Ring Dips
Min 3: 20 second Handstand Hold (against wall)
Min 4: 30 seconds Hollow Hold (active rest)

05 May 2019 - WOD


Engine Work

2 Rounds for time:
800m Run
21 Dumbbell power cleans
21 Dumbbell push press
15 Dumbbell power cleans
15 Dumbbell push press
9 Dumbbell power cleans
9 Dumbbell push press
* Can also use kettlebells

Specialist Sunday

A) Skill
3 sets of:
3 tall split jerk + 3 Behind-the-neck Split jerk + 3 split jerks

B) Split Jerk
Build to a heavy single

C) Front squat + Split jerk
5-7 x 1+1 @ 90%+ of B

Barbelles Lifting Class

A) Strength: Sumo Deadlift
Build to heavy 3 for the day

B) Gymnastics Strength
B1) Ring Dips / Ring Support Hold: 3 x 5 / 5 x 20 second hold
B2) Pull Ups / Negatives: 3 x 6

C) 12 min EMOM
Min 1: 20 second handstand hold / 2 wall walks
Min 2: 5-10 Toes to bar variation
Min 3: 6-8 medball hamstring curls

24 April 2019 - WOD


A) Gymnastics Practice

15-20 minutes : Handstand holds & handstand walking practice

B) Conditioning

Every 10 minutes, for 30 minutes (3 sets) for max calories/reps of:
2 minutes of rowing (for calories)
2 minutes of burpee box jump-overs (24/20 in)
2 minutes of assault bike (for calories) OR Double unders
400m Run

* If you want to work on double unders, switch the bike out.
* Nasal breathing only, gears 1-3
* You will have approximately 2 minutes rest every 10 minutes. Take this as complete rest, or continue to practice your gymnastics drills

03 Mar 2019 - WOD


Engine Work (Whole Life Challenge Baseline Re-test-ish)

At 00:00:
1000m Row
50 Thrusters (20/15 kg)
30 Burpees over the bar

At 12:00:
500m Row
25 Thrusters (20/15 kg)
15 Burpees over the bar

At 20:00:
250m Row
15 Thrusters (20/15 kg)
10 Burpees over the bar

Specialist Sundays

A) Skill Work
Every minute for 6 minutes:
1 Tall jerk
1 Behind-the-neck split jerk

B) Split jerk
: 6 x 2
* Perform 1 set every 2 minutes

C) Accessory

Complete 3-5 Supersets of:
3 Jerk dips with 3 second pause in the dip @ 80-110%
* Use lighter loads if you need to improve position
10/10 Single arm dumbbell press
10 Bent over barbell rows

Barbelles Lifting Class

A) Sumo Deadlift: 5 x 3 @ 85%

B) Accessory
B1) Barbell Hip Thrust: 3 x 10-12
B2) Staggered Stance RDL: 3 x 10-12

C) Skill Work (choose one)
3 x 5 Negative HSPU
3 x 20 seconds Handstand Hold
3 x 3 Freestanding headstand hold (without the wall)

27 Jan 2019 - WOD


Engine Work

In pairs, complete a 30 minute AMRAP of:
500m Row
400m Run
* Nasal breathing only

Specialist Sunday

A) 3 Position Snatch: Build to a heavy single
* Floor + Below the knee + Mid thigh

B) Every 30 seconds for 10 minutes:
1 Snatch at above heavy single

Barbelles Lifting Class

A) Strength
Bench Press: 5 x 5 @ 75%

B) Gymnastics Strength
Pull Up Variation: 3 x 6

C) Accessory
C1) 10x Nordic Curls
C2) 10 x RNT Split Squats
C3) 15-20 seconds Handstand Hold

20 Jan 2019 - WOD


Engine Work

5 Rounds:
1 minute: Wallballs 9/6kg
1 minute: Kettlebell swings 24/16kg
1 minute: Assault bike calories (or row)
1 minute: Rest

Specialist Sunday

A) 3 Position clean + Jerk:
Build to a heavy single
* Clean + low hang clean (below the knee) + Hang clean (mid thigh) + Jerk

B) Every minute for 10 minutes:
2 Cleans + 2 Jerks @ 85-90% of above

Barbelles Lifting Class

A) Strength
Bench Press: 5 x 5 @ 75%

B) Strength / Gymnastics
Pull Up Variation: 3 x 6

C) Accessory
C1) 10x Nordic Curls
C2) 10 x RNT Split Squats
C3) 15-20 seconds Handstand Hold

14 Nov 2018 – WOD


A) Gymnastics
A1) 4 rounds:
30 second handstand hold, into max rep handstand push-ups
- 1 minute rest -
30 second hollow hold into max rep toes to bar
- 1 minute rest -

A2) 4 rounds:
30 second top of the push-up hold, into max rep push-ups
- 1 minute rest -
30 seconds ring to chest hold (false grip), into max rep false grip ring rows
- 1 minute rest -

B) Conditioning
For time: 100 Burpees

* Time cap: 12 minutes

03 October 2018 – WOD


A) Gymnastics
Every minute for 10 minutes, alternate between:
Pull-ups @ 50% of max rep set
Handstand push-ups @ 30 seconds for max reps

B) Conditioning
32 x 20 seconds on : 10 seconds off:
Handstand hold
Toes to bar (or Ab-mat sit-up)
Hollow hold

* Perform all 8 intervals on one movement before moving to the next

05 July 2017 – WOD


A) Strength

4 sets of:
8/8 Bulgarian split squat
60 second wall facing handstand hold
8/8 Single arm high pull

B) Conditioning

In teams of two, with only one partner working at a time…

Complete a 5 minute AMRAP of:
Rowing or Assault bike for calories

Immediately into...

a 5 minute AMRAP of:
Wall ball (9/6 kg)

Immediately into...

a 5 minute AMRAP of:
Rowing or Assault bike for calories


07 Mar 2017 – WOD

Congrats to the ladies of FIT in SIX on completing their 6 week challenge! They all hit massive PBs on their Baseline workout as well!


A) Gymnastics
Make 2 attempts at each of the following:
A1) Max set L pull-up
A2) Max distance handstand walk
A3) Max set pull-up (kipping)
A4) Max time handstand hold

B) Conditioning: Rowing
12 x 200m with 1 minute rest between intervals

27 Sept 2016 – Developing Advanced Gymnastics is Back!

We are excited to announce that Developing Advanced Gymnastics is back! Beginning Monday 24 October, this six week course is aimed at athletes looking to develop more complex gymnastic movements such as strict/kipping muscle-ups and strict/kipping/deficit Handstand Push-Ups.

Why should you do the course?

It gets results, fast! Whilst we do work on these movements occasionally during classes, some times we need extra work to get where we want to be. All it takes is a few days a week of dedicated progressions and strength work, along with some nutritional tweaks, to get you there.

What can I expect?

  • Two sessions per week over 6 weeks (12 sessions total), every Monday and Thursday from 7 to 8 pm.
  • Build strength & learn technique. Each session will focus on developing pushing and pulling strength, as well as technique work for complex gymnastics movements, specifically muscle-ups and handstand push-ups.
  • Individualised nutritional programs for each attendee so they can make the most out the course.
  • Weekly homework designed to improve your success on the course and build lasting results.

Who is this course for?

This is an advanced course and we are working on more advanced gymnastic movements. For this, we advise certain prerequisites. We won't prevent anyone from signing up, but to make the most out of the course we suggest that before you sign-up, you can perform the following:

  • 3+ strict chest to bar chin/pull-ups & 3 strict ring dips (for muscle-ups) 
  • 30 second wall-facing handstand hold with, chest to wall (for handstand push-ups)

If you are there or there-abouts, this course is for you! Even if you have a couple of handstand push-ups, or some shaky muscle-ups, this course can develop and hone those skills so that you can confidently hit these movements even under mid-WOD fatigue.

The course is limited to just 8 people

How much is it?

The course is £179. This works out to just £29 per week for x2 coached sessions, individualised nutritional programming and your specific homework!

Places are limited and will sell out fast! Sign up via Team-Up here, or email maria@crossfit1864.com with any questions.


A) Conditioning
3 Rounds for time:
500m Row
12 Deadlifts @ bodyweight
21 Box jump (24/20 in)
* Time cap: 15 minutes

B) Gymnastics Skill Work
Every minute, for 15 minutes, alternate between:
Minute 1: 30-45 seconds of freestanding handstand hold (or wall facing)
Minute 2: 8-12 Candlestick roll to pistol
Minute 3: 10 Arch to hollow rolls

18 July 2016 – Thinking outside the Box...

We all love coming down to our second home, walking through those big blue doors, hearing the clang 'n bang of weights dropping, music pumping, people shouting, and filling our nostrils with that unique aroma of sweat mixed with chalk dust (ok, maybe not that last bit so much...) However, sometimes you can't make it down to the box for your training, or maybe, some days, you just want to try something different.

Time to think outside the Box!

To help you, your coaches have put together a few workouts you can do outside of the box. Want to make like Michael Phelps and get some poolside training in? Well, it's time to don those goggles. Beautiful day to be in the park and want to get your sweat on before you sit down to a nice picnic? Your training plan is sorted. Stuck in the house waiting for an IKEA delivery that's probably never going to show? Check this blog for your very own Living Room WOD.

Swimming WODs

20 minute AMRAP:
Swim 25m
10 Push-ups
Swim 25
10 Air squats

"I go, you go", 20 minute AMRAP
Swim 50m
7 Poolside muscle-ups

Greenwich is great for hill sprints!

Park WODs

Find a hill that takes 10-15 seconds to sprint up (when fresh)
Every minute on the minutes, for 20 rounds:
1 Hill sprint, recovery walk down

In 18 minutes, get as far as possible:
Sprint 10m
10 Push-ups
20 Air squats
Sprint 20m
10 Push-ups
20 Air squats
Sprint 30m
10 Push-ups
20 Air squats
...Increase the sprint by 10m on each round

Living Room WODs

Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squats

20 seconds of max air squats followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 sets (or 4 minutes in total).
- The 10 seconds of rest is spent in the bottom of the air squat position.
- Your score is the number of squats for each set.
- Make sure when you're holding the bottom of your air squat, you're holding a good position (no matter how badly it hurts!) 

15 min AMRAP:
5 push up
10 walking lunges
15 sit ups

"Death by Burpees"

Complete one burpee on the start of the first minute, two burpees on the second minute, three burpees on the third minute, and so on until you can no longer complete the number of burpees in the minute.


This is the first day of a De-load Week. Use this week's sessions to focus on perfect technique over heavy loads and, during conditioning pieces, move at a hard, but sustainable pace.

A) Gymnastics

Every minute, on the minute, for 15 minutes, alternate between:
Minute 1: 20-30 second chest to bar hold
Minute 2: 10m Handstand walk OR 20 second handstand hold (freestanding/wall facing)
Minute 3: 3 Skin the cats

B) Conditioning

Work in teams of two.
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 Calorie row
15 Wall Balls (9/6 kg)
15 Kettlebell Swings (24/16kg)

*Alternate exercises: Team member 1 starts with the row. When they reach 10 calories, team member 2 starts the wallballs. When they finish 15 wallballs, team member 1 starts the KB swings. When they finish, team member 2 starts rowing, and so on and so forth.