handstand push-up

19 May 2019 - WOD


Engine Work

A) Conditioning

2 Rounds for time:
800m Run
21 Dumbbell snatch, alternating arms
21 Single arm dumbbell thruster, change arms overhead
15 Dumbbell snatch, alternating arms
15 Single arm dumbbell thruster, change arms overhead
9 Dumbbell snatch, alternating arms
9 Single arm dumbbell thruster, change arms overhead

* Can also use a kettlebell

Specialist Sundays

* We will be testing Snatch and Clean & Jerk 1RM's tomorrow as part of our testing for next cycle, so today will be skill-focused

A) Snatch
High hang snatch + Hang snatch + Snatch
* Pause for 3 seconds on the catch of each rep

B) Clean & Jerk
High hang clean + Hang clean + Clean + Jerk
* Pause for 3 seconds on the catch of each rep

* For A & B, you will have 10-15 minutes to work on these complexes, focus on technique over load

Barbelles Lifting Class

A) Bench Press
4 x 5 @ 80%

B) Accessory
B1) Barbell hip thrust: 4 x 12 (increase by 5kg from last time)
B2) Russian kettlebell swings: 4 x 12 @ AHAP

C) Skill Work
Handstand push- up

18 May 2019 - WOD


Competition Class

A) Partner Workout

In teams of 2, complete for time:
30 Muscle-ups
75 Handstand Push-ups
5km Run

* Rx+, wear a weight vest
* One person working at a time, pull-ups and push-ups can be split as needed
* The 5km must be split into intervals of 400m or 200m

Gymnastics Strength & Skill

A) Flexibility

3 Sets of:
20 PVC shoulder pass throughs
3-5 Skin the cat w/ 5 second hold

B) Strength

10 Push-up w/ rock forward (Planche Progression)
10 Tuck-up to inverted hang
20 Lunge with arms overhead

C) Strength

3 Sets of:
5-10 Chin up w/ Pike leg raise
10 Rock to headstand + Handstand Push Up


A) Partner Workout

In teams of 2, complete "Severin", for time:
50 Strict pull-ups
100 Hand release push-ups
5km Run

* Rx+, wear a weight vest
* One person working at a time, pull-ups and push-ups can be split as needed
* The 5km must be split into intervals of 400m or 200m

04 May 2019 - WOD


Competition Class

A) Skill & Practice

10-15 minutes: Handstand hold / handstand walking (break out some obstacles!)
10-15 minutes: Bar/Ring muscle-up practice

B) Conditioning: Team Practice

In teams of 3-4

2 Athletes complete:
20 Clean (60/40 kg)
25 Handstand push-up
20 x Clean (70/50 kg)
25 Handstand push-up

2 Athletes complete:
20 Clean (70/50 kg)
15 Handstand push-up @ 2" deficit
20 Clean (80/55 kg)
15 Handstand push-up @ 2" deficit

* The athletes not working on the above will work to row as for as many cals as possible, switching the working athletes as often as they wish
* When the first pair has finished with their couplet they switch to the rower an carry on the row while the rowing pair moves to complete their couplet
* Score is time to finish the above workout minus calories (1 calorie = 1 second)
* E.g. If it takes 10:00 to complete the workout and the team rows 100 calories (100 seconds), the workout time is 08:20

Gymnastics Strength & Skill

A) Flexibility

3 Sets of:
1 minute: Weighted forward fold
1 minute: Bottom of the squat hold
10/10 Calf raises

B) Strength

5 Sets:
5 Handstand push-up Negatives (Add deficits if possible)
1-3 Negative muscle-ups

15 minutes, for quality:
10 Ring row, with false grip
5-10 Strict ring dip
5-10 Toes to bar from L-hang


A) Conditioning

In teams of 2, each athlete must complete:
3 rounds for time:
500m Row
12 Deadlifts @ bodyweight
21 Box jumps (20 in)
* Partner one completes all 3 rounds, followed by partner two
* Score is time taken for the pair to complete the workout
* Time cap: 24 minutes

B) Accessory

3 sets:
10 Posted single-leg deadlifts
10 Barbell hip thrusts
45 second side plank per side

28 Mar 2019 - Throwback Thursday: "A CrossFit Road Map for the Intermediate Athlete"

Wouldn't dream of WODing shirtless when you first started, now couldn't imagine a torture greater than doing a 20 min AMRAP choking under the oppression of a cotton tee? Check out #9...

As promised, for the coming weeks, every Thursday blog will be dedicated to the CrossFit 1864 archives, re-visiting blogs we wrote in our earlier years.

For our first throwback, we present “A CrossFit Road Map for the Intermediate Athlete", originally posted on 27 November 2014…

Congratulations! You’ve just passed your 6 month milestone at CrossFit 1864! But if you think that as soon as you hit the 6 month to 1 year+ mark, things all click, you can do anything with a barbell you want and every day you set foot in the box, you have a positive mindset, realistic goals and, post-WOD, you know exactly what to do to help your body recover fully… Oh boy, have you misunderstood.

This blog is dedicated to our more seasoned CrossFitters, those who are beyond the CrossFit honeymoon phase, know their way around the box, and have the progressions and warm ups down pat. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you guys!

Here is the road map to the second leg of your journey. The part where you’ve finally turned off of the rolling, curvy country roads, left behind the stops and starts of the city traffic and are now cruising down the motorway, easy, breezy, but wondering when you’ll hit the next speed camera, traffic jam or road construction (are you also wondering how much longer I can carry this road trip analogy? Answer: AS LONG AS I WANT.)

What happens when you have guzzled the proverbial CrossFit KoolAid and now the pitcher sits in front of you, completely empty…


1) You will become a Mobility and Mashing expert (at least in your eyes). You will own more foam rollers and resistance bands than your physiotherapist and have more lacrosse balls rolling around your living room than the English Lacrosse Team has in all of their clubs.

2) Whenever you plan a holiday, you will automatically check for the closest box. Sometimes booking your drop-in session will come before booking your hotel room…

3) You will have partitioned out a space on your kitchen counter where your protein mix, greens powder, fish oil, pre-WOD and other various supplements sit alongside no less than three shakers. You’ve read the blogs, you’ve tried the free samples, you’re convinced that the money is well-spent. Just don’t lose sight of your nutrition basics, because supplements are just that… Supplementary, not replacements!

4) Similarly, you will have cleared a space in your bathroom cabinet next to your cotton buds and toothpaste, where Sudocrem, Climb-on, arnica cream, a callous shaver, icy hot and Epsom salt now take pride of place. In the experienced CrossFitter’s world, there is nothing more satisfying than an Epsom salt bath and sorting out your hands after a wall ball and toes-to-bar-laden WOD.

5) Your PBs will lessen in both degree and frequency. Gone are the days when you would hit a 10 kg PB on your back squat a week after you just hit a 5 kg PB. These days, PBs will start to be won and lost with change plates and over months instead of weeks. What does this mean? The ‘Novice Effect’ has worn off. That doesn’t mean that your progress has stalled! Speak to your coach about how you can vary your lifts with different methods. Most importantly, remember, a PB is a PB, whether it’s 10 kg or 1.0 kg. Often you’ll find that when the PB takes a bit longer to achieve, it will feel that much more amazing.

6) You will share a cue that once worked for you with another athlete during a session. This cue might just help them get a PB, they will be ecstatic and you will be elated that by sharing your experience, you helped someone hit their goal. This feeling is what we get to experience every day as coaches. Isn’t it flipping amazing?!

7) You’ll forget where you started. Struggling to hit that sub-4 minute Fran? Keep failing your bodyweight snatch? Frustrated?! Well, let’s take a trip down memory lane to when a sub-8 minute Fran was a mere glimmer in your eye and you were lucky to get a 40 kg thruster over your head 5 times, let alone 45. Or when your attempts at snatch looked more like getting assaulted by a barbell than putting it overhead in one smooth lift. I’ve never been a massive fan of trending (#YOLO, #fitfam #WhatMakesMeHappy, #etc etc, I’m too old for that shit…), but I do like #ThrowBackThursday because, when things get frustrating and progress seems to be stagnating, I can remind myself how far I’ve come. And this isn’t just about your numbers! It’s about your knowledge, your community and your overall health. Remind yourself often where you began and how far you’ve come.

8) You will get frustrated when a new joiner can’t seem to understand the order of the WOD. Re-visit #7. You were there once, so be patient and help where you can, just like an experienced CrossFitter helped you.

9) You will find yourself more willing to WOD shirtless than you ever would've dreamed of 6 months ago.

10) You will find yourself in a clique. The ultimate mistake of the intermediate CrossFitter, avoid this like the plague. I know that finding your perfect training buddy is like finding a four leaf clover and trying to train with someone you barely know sounds like an absolute nightmare. I also know that many people can only train in the morning or the evening, so you will inevitably end up working with the same group of people on most days; but when possible, try attending a different class. Try mixing up the group of people you lift with. Don’t wait for a face you don’t recognise to introduce themselves to you; instead, embrace the American origins of CrossFit, run up and high five them first! You never know when the clique you spend every day with will move to other cities or need to change their class time because of work, or when you end up working with someone new and actually find that they encourage you just as well, if not better, than your other training buddies. Be open to new experiences and new people. Because you Just. Never. Know.

So, what do you do when that first pitcher of CrossFit KoolAid is gone??

Well, you make a new batch and chug that down too, savouring every gulp and reminding yourself how good that first pitcher was, how great you’ve got it and why you drank the whole thing to begin with.


A) CondItioning

For time:
800m Run

-- then --

8 rounds of:
10 Handstand Push-ups
10 Toes-to-bar

-- then --

800m Run

* Time cap: 35 minutes

21 Mar 2019 - The Leaderboard after 19.4...

Congrats to our top athletes, Tom McDine, Victoria Mee, Felipe Palmeira, and Sarah Maddock, our Spirit of Open 19.4 winner, Eline Folkestadas, and the Top Team for 19.4, Team Los Locos! With one week to go, will anyone take the top overall spot from Team Drama Cleans??


A) Gymnastics Tests

Handstand push-ups (or Push-ups): Max unbroken set
Toes to bar (or Hanging knee raise): Max unbroken set

B) Metabolic Assessment

Choose rower or assault bike

* Every minute, increases your pace by 2RPM (bike) or 2 seconds (rower).
* For the first minute begin at an easy/moderate pace
- Bike: 44/40 RPM
- Rower: 1500m PB pace +6-10 seconds

* Continue to increase your work rate every minute until you can no longer hold the assigned rate of work for the entire minute
* Keep track of the following metrics
- When you shift to G2 breathing
- When you shift to G3 breathing
- When you shift to G4 breathing
- When you shift to G5 breathing
- When you finish

19 Jan 2019 - It's that time of year... the Open is Coming!

This is Coach Phil’s “Excited for the Open” Face!

Awwwwww yeahhhhhh it’s time to get psyched for the 2019 CrossFit Open!

The five weeks of the CrossFit Open is the most exciting time in the CrossFit calendar… the anticipation before the workout is announced, the camaraderie and suport from your fellow athletes, the challenge of each workout, the buzz you feel once you finish, the PBs hit, the milestones achieved and, we can’t forget to mention the Team competition we host (more on that soon!)

For a more detailed description of what the Open is, check out this video from last year:

As the video mentions, there is an Rx and a Scaled division, so whether you've been CrossFitting for over a year or just over a week, there's no reason why you can't take part!

We will be taking on the Open every Saturday from 23 February – 23 March.

Sign up for the Open here and don’t forget to list CrossFit 1864 as your affiliate!


On 2 February, all of our members registered for the Open will be divided up in to teams, led by one of the coaches and a co-captain. From 2 February, led by your coach and their co-captain, your team will come up with a team name, build up your team bants, fire shots at the other teams and also have a chance to recruit athletes to your team that have not yet registered for the Open!

The Leaderboard

To win the CrossFit 1864 Open, your team must have the most points at the end of the five weeks. Here's how teams can earn points:

  • Participation (1 point per person for each athlete that completes the WOD)

  • Top 3 Scaled Male / Female Athletes (scored 3 points for 1st place, 2 for 2nd place, 1 for 3rd place)

  • Top 3 Rx Male / Female Athletes (scored 3 points for 1st place, 2 for 2nd place, 1 for 3rd place)

  • Best Team Spirit (10 points for the winning team at the end of each week)

  • PBs or Milestones (2 points for each athlete that hits a PB or completes a movement for the first time)

  • Best Post-WOD Feels (5 points awarded at the end of the Open)

We will be posting more information about the Open and our team competition over the coming weeks, but in the meantime...




A) Conditioning

In Teams of 3 - 25 minute AMRAP:

3 Rounds:
30 Handstand Push-ups
15 Bar Muscle-ups

Directly Into...

30 Power clean & Push jerk (42.5/30 kg)
30 Power clean & Push jerk (50/35 kg)
30 Power clean & Push jerk (60/40 kg)
30 Power clean & Push jerk (70/45 kg)
30 Power clean & Push jerk (80/55 kg)
30 Power clean & Push jerk (90/60 kg)

Competition Class

A) Gymnastics Skills

A1) 10-15 minutes on handstand walking, then 3-5 attempts at max distance walk

A2) 10-15 minutes on bar muscle-up technique

B) Conditioning

In Teams of 3 - 25 minute AMRAP
3 Rounds:
60 Handstand Push-ups
20 Bar Muscle-ups

Directly Into...

30 Power clean & Push jerk (50/35 kg)
30 Power clean & Push jerk (60/40 kg)
30 Power clean & Push jerk (70/45 kg)
30 Power clean & Push jerk (80/55 kg)
30 Power clean & Push jerk (90/60 kg)
30 Power clean & Push jerk (100/70 kg)

26 Oct 2018 – Reminder: Thriller Throwdown this weekend!

Don’t forget… Our first ever Thriller Throwdown is this Saturday, 27 October! The fun kicks off at 9 am and the throwdown should finish around noon. We’ll have prizes for our podium finishers and for the best Halloween costumes! Family and friends are welcome to come down and cheer you on!

NB Due to the throwdown, there will be no regular classes or Open Gym this Saturday


A) Conditioning
Front squat (60/40 kg)
Handstand push-up
Chest to bar pull-up

11 Oct 2018 – Reminder: Rock Climbing this Sunday, 1 pm

Don’t forget, on Sunday 14 October, from 1 pm (after classes have finished), you can join Coach Whizz for an afternoon of rock climbing at Building One+ at the Arch Climbing Wall in Bermondsey.

No prior experience is needed and there are plenty of options for everyone, from first timers to the advanced.

Entry in to Building One+ is £11, plus any kit you might need to hire (shoes, etc) and there’s no need to book on Team up, just show up on the day!


A) Gymnastics/Conditioning

12 minute AMRAP, for quality:
1, 2, 3...Pull-ups, unbroken
1, 2, 3...Handstand push-ups, unbroken

- Rest 3 minutes -

12 minute AMRAP:
40 Double unders
20 Wall ball (9/6 kg)
10 Toes to bar (or 15 Ab-mat sit-ups)

* The first 12 minutes is about working for quality.
* Only unbroken sets count. If you fail on a set move back 2 reps and continue. For example if I miss the round of 10 pull-ups, I will continue with my 10 HSPU but then revert back to 8 Pull-ups (and then 11 HSPU).
* The second 12 minutes is about pushing the intensity... get some!

03 October 2018 – WOD


A) Gymnastics
Every minute for 10 minutes, alternate between:
Pull-ups @ 50% of max rep set
Handstand push-ups @ 30 seconds for max reps

B) Conditioning
32 x 20 seconds on : 10 seconds off:
Handstand hold
Toes to bar (or Ab-mat sit-up)
Hollow hold

* Perform all 8 intervals on one movement before moving to the next