28 April 2018 - WOD



CrossFit (8 – 9 am, 9 – 10 am, 11.30 – 12.30 pm)


A) Clean & Jerk: Establish a 1RM

B) "Grace": 30 Clean & Jerks 60/40kg, for time

Competition Class (10 – 11.30 am)

A) Weightlifting

A1) Snatch: 3 x 3 @ 80+%

A2) Power clean: 3 x 3, across

B) Conditioning

"Isabel" 30 Snatch 60/40kg, for time

C) Skill Work

Handstand walk practice

27 July 2017 – CrossFit 1864 does the CrossFit Games (but not officially...)

The photoshop is bad on purpose, ok guys?1

::Imagine this is being read in a super dramatic sports announcer-type voice...::

In the first week of August, in Madison, Wisconsin, the best CrossFit athletes in the world will take on a week's worth of challenges, testing their physical and mental capacity to find out who is truly the Fittest on Earth. On the weekend of 4, 5 and 6 August, we're going to do something REALLY similar (but different...). 

To celebrate the CrossFit Games, and for just a bit of fun, on Friday 4 August, Saturday 5 August and Sunday 6 August, we will take on some of the CrossFit Games workouts, but in the comfort of our own box! In true CrossFit Games fashion, we will only be releasing the details of each event closer to the weekend, but in the meantime, mark your diaries for the following dates:

Event 1: Friday 4 August, 6 - 6.45 pm
Event 2: Saturday 5 August, 8 - 10 am
Event 3: Saturday 5 August, From Noon (this will take place outside of the box)
Event 4 & 5 (and maybe 6 & 7?): Sunday 6 August, 8.30 am – Noon

There will be scaled options for all of the days and we will be awarding prizes to the winner of each event, as well as overall winners.

Not sure what the CrossFit Games are? Check out the CrossFit Games website for more info and to watch previous Games footage.

* Zenplanner will be updated with these events by Thursday morning.


A) Conditioning: Watch the Clock
At 00:00, for time:
30 Snatch (60/40 kg)

At 10:00, for time:
50 Calorie row

At 20:00, for time:
75 Wall balls (9/6 kg)

* Doing Isabel Rx, but taking 8 minutes is missing the workout stimulus. Train smart!


07 Dec 2016 – The Whole Life Challenge is Back!

For 2017, we're bringing back The Whole Life Challenge!

This is a great way to kickstart your new year, develop great habits in your nutrition, training and mobility and improve aspects of your lifestyle such as sleep and mindfulness. AND you get to take on this challenge alongside an awesome and supportive community: your fellow athletes at CrossFit 1864! 

What is the Whole Life Challenge?

No one can explain it better than The Whole Life Challenge themselves.... from their website:

"While everyone wants to look and feel better, it can be a challenge to know how or where to start. The Whole Life Challenge focuses you on the key areas of your life that produce real, life-long changes. Taking on this challenge together with your friends and family in a fun and motivating daily game, you’ll create new healthy habits that last long after the Whole Life Challenge comes to an end."

"The Whole Life Challenge works by identifying the areas that almost everyone wants to change, and then making a daily game out of creating new habits in each of those areas. The game is designed around the five key areas that every person can identify with."

Working together as Team CrossFit 1864, the Whole Life Challenge is basically a points-based game that challenges us to “try on” a whole life of health and fitness for eight weeks. 

With its three levels of participation – Performance, Lifestyle, and Kick-start – any one can find a way to make the The Whole Life Challenge work for them and see massive improvements in their health and fitness.

Register for the Challenge before 5 January to get the Early Registration Discount! The Whole Life Challenge costs only $39 (about £30) for new players.

We'll be posting updates with all the great things we'll be doing during the Whole Life Challenge, so keep your eyes on the blog and get signed up today!

Register for the Whole Life Challenge here and make sure to join Team CrossFit 1864!

O'Shea and James after last year's Isabel

The Third Christmas Cracker

For time:
30 Snatch (60/40 kg)

01 Dec 2015 – The Second Christmas Cracker: Watch the Clock: 'Grace' & 'Isabel'

Because Grace and Isabel are ALWAYS on time...


The Second Christmas Cracker: Watch the Clock: 'Grace' & 'Isabel':

At 00:00 begin "Isabel":
For time: 30 Snatch (60/40 kg)

When the clock hits 15 minutes, begin "Grace":
For time: 30 Clean & Jerks (60/40 kg)

*Both of these workouts should be completed in sub 5 minutes. Consider scaling accordingly to give you plenty of rest
** Did you PB Grace or Isabel? What's your strategy for these workouts? We want to know about it! Post a video or photo to Facebook / Instagram / Twitter @crossfit1864 #christmascrackers #watchtheclock