member appreciation week

03 June 2019 - Coming Soon: Member Appreciation Week

We can't wait for our next Member Appreciation Week!

Starting 17 June, we'll be giving something back to you every day, from a Beyond the Workout session to an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. Yes, we'll even let you vote for a Coaches' Workout again (#wellneverforgetkalsu).

Keep your eyes on the 'gram and our blog for more information on all the exciting events we have planned!


A) Conditioning

5 rounds for time:
9 Power cleans
12 Handstand Push-ups
9 Front squats
12 Pull-ups

* Barbell at 75-85% of 5RM power clean from previous training cycle
* Rx+ C2B Pull-ups & No singles on the power cleans
* Time cap: 25 minutes

13 Jan 2019 - Member Appreciation Week: Vote for the Coaches WOD

For our last day of Member Appreciation Week, it's your chance to exact revenge on the CF1864 Coaching Team... and boy do you guys know how to hit a coach where it hurts! The CF1864 Coaches and Interns will be taking on “Kalsu”. Ooossshhhh. Keep an eye on @crossfit1864 on instagram, where we’ll be posting videos of the coaches battling through this epic WOD.


Engine Work

Every 2 minutes, for 30 minutes, alternate between:
450/350 m Row
60-Foot Walking lunges with Farmer’s carry (32/24 kg)
20/15 Calories of Assault Bike (or 300m Run)
* Nasal breathing only

Specialist Sunday

A) Hang snatch: Build to a heavy double

B) Every minute for 10 minutes: 1 Snatch at 90-95% of above

Barbelles Lifting Class

A) Sumo Deadlift: 5 x 3 @ 75-80%

B) Deficit Push Ups: 3 x 6

C) 3 Rounds NFT:
10 barbell hip thrust
10 pendlay rows
6-8 barbell rollouts

The Coaches’ WOD


For Time:

100 Thrusters (60/40 kg)

* 5 Burpees at the top of every minute

12 Jan 2019 - Member Appreciation Week: ZapSpace Trampoline Park

On Saturday 12 January, the penultimate day of our Member Appreciation Week, we'll be headed out for a Box Social at ZapSpace Trampoline Park in Stratford!

With 3 storeys of trampoline, and games such as Power Tower, Battle Beam and, of course, Dodgeball, there's no better way to spend your Saturday afternoon!

We will be meeting at ZapSpace at 3 pm and entry in to the park costs £12 for the first hour (+ sock hire) and £9 for an additional hour.

Have fun being a kid again!



A) Conditioning

For time:
2 rounds of:
10 Snatch (50/35 kg)
12 Burpees over the bar
Then, 2 rounds of:
10 Snatch (35/25 kg)
12 Burpees over the bar

* Time cap: 18 minutes

Competition Class

A) Gymnastics Skills

A1) 10-15 minutes on handstand walking, then 3-5 attempts at a max distance

A2) 10-15 minutes on bar muscle-up technique technique, then: 3-5 sets

* Work until technical failure

B) Conditioning

2018 Regionals Event 4

For time:
2 rounds of:
10 Snatch (80/55 kg)
12 Burpees over the bar
Then, 2 rounds of:
10 Snatch (50/35 kg)
12 Burpees over the bar

11 Jan 2019 - Member Appreciation Week: Disco Friday Version 2.0

Everyone loves Disco Friday, and for our MemberAppreciation Week, we're making it even better!

In addition to the tasty food, epic playlists, and spicy workout, for Disco Friday Version 2.0, we'll be rocking some fancy dress! It's time to don your favourite 70's and 80's workout gear.

The best dressed athlete in each class will get a free CF1864 t-shirt for their WOD wardrobe!


A) Conditioning & Breath Holds
4 x 4 minutes on : 2 minutes off, alternate between A1 and A2:

A1) Row for distance
* Nasal breathing only

5, 10, 15…
Wall ball (9/6 kg)
5, 10, 15...
Kettlebell swings (24/16 kg)
* Breathing no harder than G4

* At the end of each 4 minute interval perform 5 normal breaths followed by a max inhale hold.
* Time the length of each of these holds

10 Jan 2019 - Member Appreciation Week: WOD & Raffle

Thursday of our Member Appreciation Week couldn't be more simple.... all you need to do is show up!

Yep, you read that correctly, to get your name entered in to our raffle, all you need to do is show up at the box and do the WOD, easy peasy lemon squeezy! (actually, the WOD won't be that easy, but you understand what we're trying to say!)


A) Strength: Power Clean
15 minutes to establish a heavy 3 for the day
* Perform touch and go

B) Strength / Endurance: Power Clean Ladder
At % of above heavy 3:
Perform 10 reps at 75%
Perform 3 reps at 95%
Perform 15 reps at 70%
Perform 3 reps at 90%
Perform 20 reps at 65%
* Rest 2-3 minutes between sets

09 Jan 2019 - Member Appreciation Week: Beyond the Workout

For our third day of Member Appreciation Week, we are excited to host a new event, Beyond the Workout!

Taking place on Wednesday at 7.30 pm, you will get to spend quality time with our coaches and interns, developing two skills of your choice in a small group alongside your fellow athletes.

Beyond the Workout will be broken in to two parts, Session A and Session B, each lasting 25 minutes, giving you the opportunity to work on each of your chosen skills in detail.


A) Gymnastics Conditioning & Breath work
Every 3 minutes for 36 minutes:

First 12 minutes:
60 seconds of strict handstand push up & row in remaining time

Second 12 minutes:
60 seconds of strict muscle-up & 400m run

Third 12 minutes:
60 seconds of strict toes to bar & Row/Assault bike in remaining time

*Aim to stay breathing in G1 for the monostructural movements
*No higher than breathing in G3 for the gymnastics

08 Jan 2019 - Your Daily Breath Practice

We have discussed the importance of nasal breathing in various blogs (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) and Coach Phil's Programming Talk (The Main Show, The Summary), so we won't flog a dead horse….but it is important, so if you haven’t read these blogs, or watched the programming talk, make sure you do so!

For many of us, mouth breathing is a habit, caused by factors such as poor posture, and high (chronic) stress work and life environments.

To begin to reverse this and to take full advantage of our current (and future) training cycles, we recommend a daily breathing practice.

What a formal breath practice or protocol looks like (out of the many, many options) doesn’t matter. What matters is that you put something in place that you can do daily, and slowly turn into a habit. Whether it is morning or evening, before or after training, between the office and home, doesn’t matter.

It matters that you do it.

Your daily breath practice doesn’t have to be complex or long, just do something. This will give you insight and awareness into how practices or protocols affect you, and also begin to develop your breathing capacity to aid in your overall health and your performance in training.

We recommend 5-10 minutes of breathing practice, 1-3 times everyday.

Our first step should be to bring awareness to how we are breathing. Are we breathing through the mouth or the nose, are we chest breathing or using our diaphragm, do we have short, shallow breaths or a long slow respiration rate? Most importantly, how does how we breathe (and how we change our breathing mechanics) influence our state and how we feel? As we know, how you breathe has a huge influence on our central nervous system.

Below are three examples of daily breathing practice you can implement, starting with the most basic and easiest to implement, as well as some more advanced methods.

Remember, what is important in the beginning is that you bring awareness to how you are breathing, how that makes you feels and how it affects your state.

Awareness Breathing

When you wake up, take 5-10 minutes to sit and focus on your breath. Make a mental note of:

How are you feeling physically today?

How are you feeling mentally?

Are you feeling stressed or at ease, tense or relaxed?

Are you taking short, shallow breaths or long slow breaths?

Don't worry about what is 'right' and 'wrong', just be aware of your present state.

During this time, focus on having a slow rate of respiration (think 4-5 seconds inhale, 4-5 second exhale), long slow breaths in through the nose and long slow breaths out through the nose. During the 5-10 minutes of awareness breathing, how do your answers to the questions above change, if at all?

Cadence Breathing (1121)

This is very much like tempo training, with a prescribed time (in seconds) for each stage of your breathing (inhale, hold, exhale, hold). This particular cadence is a good “warm-up” for the respiratory system and can be mildly up-regulating and mentally stimulating, a great method for morning practice!

In the 1121 cadence, the numbers given are the multipliers. For example, if I was using 5 seconds, my cadence would be 5-5-10-5. If I was using 10 seconds, my cadence would be 10-10-20-10.

A good starting point is 5 seconds: 5 second inhale + 5 second hold + 10 second exhale + 5 second hold

Repeat this breathing cadence for 5-10 minutes, 1-3 times every day. Once this becomes comfortable increase your multiplier to 6 seconds (6-6-12-6), and continue in this fashion as your breathing mechanics improve.

Box Breathing Protocol

This is a technique that takes a method called superventilation (see here) and mixes it with taking slow, deep breaths. It can heighten performance and concentration while also being a powerful stress reliever.

Perform 3-5 total rounds, where one round is:

5 x

Inhale for X seconds

Exhale for X seconds


20 Super ventilation breaths (full nasal inhale, partial nasal exhale)

After the last breath, perform a full exhale and hold for as long as possible

* In round 2, increase your inhale and exhale by 1 second (and increase again in round 3)
*Perform 25 Superventilation breaths (30 breaths in round 3)
*Try to increase your exhale breath hold each round

For example, one total session may be:

5 x 5 seconds inhale + 5 second exhale


20 Super ventilation breaths + max exhale breath hold

5 x 6 seconds inhale + 6 second exhale


25 Super ventilation breaths + max exhale breath hold

5 x 7 seconds inhale + 7 second exhale


30 Super ventilation breaths + max exhale breath hold

If you finish the whole breathing practice with no real issues, the next time you practice this, add 1 second to your starting inhale/exhale time.

A daily breath practice is a must for anyone seeking to improve their overall health and those wanting to maximise their performance.

When you first begin your journey into the art of breath, do not worry about what method you should be using, it's more important to become aware of how your breath affects your state and to build the habit of a daily breathing practice.

You wanted it, you got it!


A) Conditioning

”CrossFit Open 16.4 - RX”
As many reps as possible in 13 mins of:
55 Deadlifts (102.5/70 kg)
55 Wall balls (9/6 kg)
55 Calorie row
55 Handstand Push-ups

“CrossFit Open 16.4 - Scaled”
55 Deadlifts (60 / 42.5 kg)
55 Wall balls (9/6 kg)
55 Calorie row
55 Hand Release Push-ups

07 Jan 2019 - Member Appreciation Week: Dodgeball Tournament

Member Appreciation Week is finally here! We can’t wait for all the great stuff we have lined up for you this week and, to kick it all off, it’s dodgeball time!


A) Dodgeball Tournament

B) Conditioning
In pairs you have 15 minutes to complete as many snatches as possible (70/45kg)
* While P1 is performing snatches, P2 performs a 200m run
* When P2 returns from the run partners switch over

17 July 2018 – Member Appreciation Week: Day 2

For the second day of our Member Appreciation Week, the coaches will be nominating someone from each class to win a free 30 minute skills PT Session. Keep your eye on Slack to see if you won!


For time:
1 mile run, weighted 50lbs
50 Push-ups
50 AbMat Sit-ups
1 mile run, weighted 50lbs
50 Push-ups
50 AbMat Sit-ups
1 mile run, weighted 50lbs

* Wear a weight vest, body armor, loaded pack or whatever is needed to load yourself with 50 lbs for the runs.
* If you have a spare back pack bring it along and we can load you up!

16 July 2018 – Kicking off Member Appreciation Week

Our Member Appreciation Week kicks off with WOD and Raffle! Everyone who joins us for Monday's WOD will be entered in a raffle to win a kick ass prize! So get yourself down to the box for a Team Barbell Workout...


A) Team Barbell Workout

In Teams of 2-3:

A1) 7 minute AMRAP of Bench press:
50 reps at 60/40 kg
50 reps at 70/45 kg
AMRAP at 80/50 kg

- Rest 3 minutes -

A2) 7 minute AMRAP of Back squats:
50 reps at 80/50 kg
50 reps at 100/70 kg
AMRAP at 125/80 kg

- Rest 3 minutes -

A3) 7 minute AMRAP of Hang power cleans:
50 reps at 60/40 kg
50 reps at 70/45 kg
AMRAP at 80/50 kg

09 July 2018 – Coming Soon: Member Appreciation Week

We know we don't say it enough, but you guys are awesome - without our members and our community, CrossFit 1864 would be nowhere near as great as it is! 

As a small gesture of our gratitude, from Monday 16 July, we will be hosting  a Member Appreciation Week. From free one-to-one nutrition consults, to a picnic in the park, every day from Monday 16 July to Saturday 21 July, we will be giving something back to you.

We'll be posting more details soon, so keep your eyes on your email and the blog!


A) Conditioning

"Fight Club"
3 Rounds, for total reps, 1 minute per movement:
Thrusters (42.5/30 kg)
Power cleans (42.5/30 kg)
Box jump overs (24/20 in) 
Assault bike calories

10 Jan 2018 – WOD

Here's to the Crazy Ones: Member Appreciation Week, Day 3

Come to class, enter a raffle for dinner on us!


A) Weightlifting: Power snatch
15-12-9-6, reps

* Rest 2 minutes between sets
* Focus on movement quality and barbell cycling

B) Strength / Corrective

B1) Every 3 minutes, for 9 minutes:
20 Dumbbell walking lunge
20 Dumbbell death march
* Perform all 40 reps unbroken

B2) Every 90 seconds, for 9 minutes, alternate between:
10/10 Single arm strict press
10/10 Single arm dumbbell row