29 Jan 2016 – WOD

Who thinks James MIGHT be being a little overdramatic....?


A) Conditioning

Wall Ball (9/6 kg)
Box Jump (30/24 in)
150m Run after every round

B) Mobility: Uncommon lunge matrix

3 sets of:
B1) 10 Backward lunges, alternating legs
B2) 10 Opposite side lateral lunges, alternating legs
B3) 10 Opposite side transverse lunges, alternating legs
- No rest between B1, B2 and B3
- Perform set one with no load
- If you can perform the lunges series correclty and in a controlled manner, add some load (e.g. goblet) for sets 2 and 3

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15 Jan 2016 – Last Chance to sign up for the Developing Advanced Gymnastics Course!

If you loved the Gymnastics Strength we did in yesterday's WOD, couldn't get enough of the skills and want to learn more, why not sign up for our Developing Advanced Gymnastics Course? You get 12, small group, coach-led sessions programmed to give you the strength and skill you need to nail the advanced gymnastics movements that are guaranteed to be featured in the forthcoming CrossFit Open and pretty much any competition out there! In addition, with your course you will get personalised nutrition programming and supplemental homework to give you that extra edge. The course starts on 18 January and runs until 25 February.

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A) Conditioning

With a partner, complete 10 rounds each:

10 Hang Power Cleans (70/45 kg)
Row 15/12 calories or Airdyne 10/8 calories

B) Mobility: Hip

B1) Couch stretch, 2 minutes per side
B2) Active pigeon stretch, 15 reps per side
B3) Front splits, 90 seconds per side
B4) Side splits, 90 seconds per side
B5) Perform 50 squats for quality
- Use a mixture of air squats, back squats, front squats
- Play around with foot stance, wide, normal, narrow

08 Jan 2016 – WOD & Mobility Focus

As mentioned in our End of Year Survey Round-up, our Friday sessions will begin with a skills and conditioning piece and finish with a mobility focus. What we do in class will be your mobility homework for the upcoming week. 

Time to learn what the calcaneus is! 


A) Conditioning

4 Rounds for time:
21 Pull-ups
15 Handstand Push-ups
9 Deadlifts (115 / 80 kg)

* Time cap: 18 minutes

B) Mobility: Ankles

B1) Ankle/Squat test
B2) Calcaneus smash, 90 seconds per side
B3) Heel cord / calf smash: 90 seconds per side
B4) Calf stretch, 2 minutes per side
B5) Ankle/Squat re-test

12 Sept 2015 – Active Recovery

After an intense Throwdown, we thought you might enjoy some active recovery and mobility work (with an optional sprint WOD at the end!)


A) Mobility & Active Recovery

Spend 7 minutes per section:

A1) Row / Airdyne (easy pace)
A2) 30 second hang / 30 second shoulder IR / 2 lengths per arm overhead carry w/ single kettlebell
A3) 30 seconds thoracic extension / 30 seconds couch stretch variations
A4) 2 lengths lunge variations / 10 Wall squat

Choose either B or C

B) Jeremy
21-15-9 reps, for time of:
Overhead Squat (42.5/30 kg)

C) Mash Party

19 Aug 2015 – Your top 3 goals & how to hit them!


So your goals have been set, let the good times roll! You can just carry on with your day to day lives and your goals will be brought to you by a leprechaun riding a unicorn, that farts rainbows (ahh, if only!). 

Writing down your goals is just the first step. Unless you change something about what you are currently doing then ain't nothin' gonna change and your goals and visions will stay as just that. 

So, I have put together some information to get you started based on the most popular goals we've seen so far..

Goal 1: Mobility

Mobility has formed a huge part of your goals, from tight ankles to stiff upper backs. This makes us happy because it shows us that you all understand how important good mobility is to achieving better movement! 

There are 3 areas you need to address to make your mobility gains stick.

Mobilise: Think mashing (lacrosse ball, barbell, a Super Friend's foot!) and stretching drills. You need to do a minimum of 1-3 drills per day, spending at least 2 minutes per side on your problem areas. To help with this head over to Youtube, type in MWOD and whatever body part you are working on e.g. MWOD shoulder or MWOD ankle. Reams of resources right there.

Activate: Chances are that if something is 'tight' or 'short' that something else is not doing its job properly (often the opposing muscles). For example, when the chest is tight and the shoulders are rounded then the muscles of the upper back are elongated and in a 'weakened' position. This can impact your shoulder function. 

The majority of the population who are desk-bound will fall into this category, so here is a great shoulder protocol called Iron Symmetry. Mobilise the tight bits around the shoulder (chest, triceps, lats, serratus) then hit these drills. This is a great protocol for those of you who suffer with shoulder pain.

If you mobilise your lower half (hips and ankles) then simple bodyweight squats and lunges, focusing on correct movement is a great way to re-enforce your new mobility gains. Mobilise then perform 30-50 of your best reps.

Strengthen: You will get at the gym. Learning to move correctly and using your new ranges of motion will help you to develop strength in the right areas.

Goal 2: Body Composition

Our next most popular goal was related to body composition, in particular fat loss. 

Nutrition is the basis of any successful training program, you cannot out-train a bad diet, it just won't happen. So we advise that you stick to Greg Glassman's (Founder of CrossFit) words of wisdom "Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat."  Basically cut out the processed crap and added sugar and replace it with whole, natural real foods. 

Here are 3 top resources to get you going:

1) Not sure how much to eat, but don't want to count weigh and measure food? Precision Nutrition has a great portion guide which is super easy to use.
2) Clueless on what foods you should be eating and what needs to be binned? Check out this guide to good food choices. 
3) Wondering whether you have to eat like this alllll the time? We encourage you to enjoy favourite foods, just in moderation. In general you want to aim to eat 80%+ of your meals following the food guidelines. In 20% of meals you can have a little leeway and enjoy your favourite foods (just don't go crazy). If you follow this '80/20 rule' you can still get the results you are after while maintaining a social life. Here is a great guide to Nutritional Off-Roading.

If you need more of a helping hand with your nutrition then you could also consider using the CrossFit 1864 Nutrition Program!

Goal 3: Gymnastics

Pull-ups dominated your goals, along with push-ups, muscle-ups and other gymnastic elements. 

This is going to require some extra work on your behalf. Whilst we do these movements in the classes you will need to be attacking this goal several times a week.

A great tool you can use is called volume training. This targets movements using specific and repetitive training for a particular weakness. This method can be used for any movement, from practicing a backhand technique in tennis, shooting free throws in basketball, or pressing to handstand in gymnastics. The goal is to develop proprioception and endurance (the ability to reproduce something many times over and over) in that specific movement pattern.

We also have a much more encompassing approach, our six week course, Developing Gymnastics Strength: Pull-ups and Dips. This 6 week course will focus on pull-ups and push-ups/ring dips - designed to get your first ones or improve your capacity in the movements if you already have a few strict ones. The course includes elements of strength development, volume training and specific assistance exercises that are key to developing these movements. Sign up here or email for more info.


A) Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes - Alternate between:

A1) 5 Back squat
A2) 10 Plate face pulls + 40m Overhead walk

B) Assistance Supersets

For 15 minutes, cycle through:
10 Good mornings
15 Glute bridges
20 second chest to bar hold
25 second hollow hold, weighted
- Aim for 2-4 rounds

29 Mar 2015 – Open 15.5 Prep: Active Recovery and Mobility

Hard to believe that the final Open workout is upon us!

We had some very highly skilled WODs over the past four weeks (muscle ups, snatch and heavy clean & jerk, to name a few), now 15.5 brings us a whole different challenge: The Mental Battle. This is going to be tough, but you gotta grit your teeth and get through it! 

To make sure you are mentally and physically rested and prepared, we are dedicating this Sunday's session to Active Recovery (light rowing, running, prowler pushing, etc) and Mobility. This is a great chance to flush out any of that nasty ache built up in your legs and arms over the week and dedicate time to a number of drills to help improve your squat, front rack position, and overhead position. 

31 Jan 2015 – Do you know how to effectively mobilise for squats?

Check out our blog on how we do mobility at CrossFit 1864, then get ready for some serious knowledge bombs....


A) Skill: The three pieces to effectively mobilising the squat position

B) 3 rounds for time of:
12 Front squats (60/40 kg)
12 Burpee pull ups
*Time cap: 15 minutes

This is a BtWB Fitness Level Workout under the 'Heavy' category

  • Remember, only log this as Rx if you do the workout EXACTLY as it is written above.
  • If you scale please select the 'scaled' option, and update the movements/weights, when logging your scores.
  • We have a long time cap for this WOD, so even if it's going to take awhile, try and do it as Rx.

11 Oct 2014 – Deadlift Day!

Coach Phil taking Alex, Rachelle and Matt through this week's mobility homework... how are the hips feeling guys?


A) Beginner

A1) Deadlift: 4 x 8
A2) Horizontal pull
- Rest up to 30 seconds between A1 and A2
- Rest up to 2 minutes after A2

A) Intermediate

A1) Deadlift : 5-8 reps @ 65-75%, totalling 24-30 reps
A2) Horizontal pull
- Rest up to 30 seconds between A1 and A2
- Rest up to 2 minutes after A2

B) All Athletes

Kettlebell swings
Goblet lunge

*The goal for all is heavy as form allows

How CrossFit 1864 does mobility

Mobility is important.

This is possibly the most understated sentence in this blog post. If you are not working on your mobility every day, not only are you going to fail in reaching your full athletic potential, you're also on the road to injury.

Why is mobility important?

A 'normal' human being should have full range in all of their joints and tissues. We should be able to sit in the bottom of a squat with feet together, heels on the ground and back flat, and be able to extend both arms overhead with elbows locked out and no lumbar over-extension. Without normal, functioning ranges of motion your body should not get into all of the positions expected of it, not only in the gym, but in everyday life.

If you're missing these ranges, but your mind is telling your body to do something, your body (the clever dog) will find a way to compensate to allow you to get into a position; however, these compensation patterns put us in unstable, unsafe positions (not such a clever dog now...). Add some movement with load/speed/change of direction etc and injury soon follows.

Battling with barbells, kettlebells and wall balls is difficult enough, don't fight your own body too!

How CrossFit 1864 helps you deal with your business

At CrossFit 1864, we place priority on quality of movement. To ensure we can achieve this, we need our athletes to have good mobility.

We attack this in 3 ways...

Movement-specific warm-ups: Our warm-ups are designed to actually prepare you for the movements coming up in your training. It's astonishing how many times we have seen people warming up for back squats and deadlifts with 'shoulder pass-throughs' or 'shoulder dislocates'. We forgive you, we don't expect you to just know these things, part of the coach's role is to educate. So, if your coach gives your shoulder dislocates for back squats...Start asking questions.

Movement-specific mobility drills: During our classes, we also dedicate time to specific mobility drills, aimed at the movements of the day. Our goal here is to improve ranges of motion in a safe and controlled manner.

Mobility homework: Each week we give our members some homework, a simple drill or two that we challenge them to perform twice each day for the next 7 days. Not only will you see some super quick gains in your problem areas, but you also learn more about how to take care of your body.

What's the over-arching theme in this? Education. As much as we wish we could, we can't be around for our members 24/7,  so we see it as our job to help educate you on how you can take care of yourself, both inside and outside CrossFit 1864.