power clean & jerk

18 July 2019 - Save the Date: Legends of CrossFit 1864 Summer Party


Come celebrate the Legends of Crossfit 1864 and the end of a beautiful summer! On Saturday 17 August from 3 pm, we'll be partying at Giant Robot in Canary Wharf and announcing our newest inductees to the Legends of CrossFit 1864.

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A) Conditioning
4 x 4 minutes on : 4 minute off, alternate between:
5 Handstand push-ups
10 Power snatch (42.5 / 30 kg)
15 Double unders

5 Chest to bar pull-ups
10 Power clean & jerk (42.5 / 30 kg)
15 Double unders
* Rx+: Deficit HSPU 4/2" & Bar muscle-ups

B) Cool-down & Breathwork
To be performed after a few minutes rest and where you breathing has recovered from the workout 6 minutes walk or very easy bike
* Take 10 breaths in/out through you nose, at the 10 breath exhale, hold your breath and continue to walk.
* When you need to breath exhale through the nose and count 10 more breaths then perform another hold...continue for 6 minutes

02 July 2019 - WOD


A) Conditioning: Barbell Cycling Test

For time:
15 Calorie row
15 Power snatch (42.5/30 kg)
12 Calorie row
12 Power snatch
9 Calorie row
9 Power snatch


9 Calorie row
9 Power clean & jerk (42.5/30 kg)
12 Calorie row
12 Power clean & jerk
15 Calorie row
15 Power clean & jerk

* Time cap: 15 minutes
* Rx+: 52.5/35kg & Assault bike
* Choose a load that allows you to cycle the barbell!

22 Jan 2019 - Join us for our Online Goal Setting Workshop

Got Goals?

Goals are instrumental to success in every area of your life. Goals give us direction. With a goal in mind, we know what we're working towards, we know our desired destination. In addition, they give us much-needed incentive. We want to achieve the goals we set, so we’re more likely to put in the time to be successful in reaching them.

But, setting goals (and sticking with them!) is HARD WORK and comes with plenty of questions!

How do I set a training goal?
How do I know what I need to do to hit my goal?
How long should I give myself to reach my target?
What happens if I don't achieve my goal in the timeframe I set??

To help you answer these questions, Coach Maria will be hosting an Online Goal Setting Workshop (via YouTube) on Sunday 27 January at 7.30 pm.

In the workshop, we’ll be discussing what goals are, working on exercises to help you pinpoint your goals, and then, we’ll work together to set your goals and put together an action plan to help you achieve them.

After the Goal Setting Workshop, we want to hear about the goals you have set! We will be sending out a link where you can sign up for one-to-one meetings to discuss your goals and your action plans.

Keep an eye on your email and Slack - we’ll be sending a link to the Goal Setting Workshop later this week.


A) Conditioning

”Prison Rules”

Every 15 seconds, for 4 minutes (16 rounds):
3 Power Snatch (42.5/30 kg)

- 1 minute rest -

Every 15 seconds, for 4 minutes (16 rounds):
3 Power Clean & Jerk (42.5/30 kg)

- 1 minute rest -

Every 15 seconds, for 4 minutes (16 rounds):
3 Thruster (42.5/30 kg)

B) Midline

24 x 20 seconds on : 10 seconds off, alternate between:

Forearm plank
Ab-mat sit-ups
Right side plank
Right side plank rotations
Left side plank
Left side plank rotations