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26 Mar 2016 – What's coming up after the Open?

What's coming up after the Open?

With only one workout to go, the 2016 CrossFit Open is nearing the end... so what's up next for you Crazy Ones? 

The months after the Open are typically considered the 'Off-season' for athletes who do not make it to Regionals or the Games. Off-season is usually a time to re-focus one's training, build solid foundations for the training year ahead and address any weaknesses or imbalances.

Even though we aren't necessarily aiming for the CrossFit Games, having off-seasons can still be of great value to us in our training and progression as athletes and generally fit individuals.

With that, our next cycle has three main goals:

  1. A primary focus of developing strength and capacity in both gymnastics and barbell movements 
  2. A secondary focus on addressing areas of weakness and movement patterns that typically get missed out with classic CrossFit style programming: Rotational activities (frontal and transverse plane), unilateral loading patterns, grip strength
  3. A tertiary aim to build aerobic capacity.

So what can you expect over the next 8-10 weeks?

Lots of heavy lifting and lots of strict gymnastics coupled with a whole range of pre-hab, stability, and mobility-based exercises. 

Each week will follow a similar template:

Monday: Max effort upper body (push press, bench press etc) + Strength assistance + Accessory

Tuesday: Skill Development & Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon)

Wednesday: Max effort lower body (squat, deadlift, etc.) + Strength assistance + Accessory

Thursday: Skill Development & MetCon

Friday: Skill Development & Heavy MetCon

Saturday: Repetition day (gymnastics, barbell) 

Sunday: Olympic Lifting & Dynamic effort lower body (squat, deadlift, etc.) + assistance

Importance of rest days

Rest and recovery is of the utmost importance. During a cycle such as this, we recommend taking 1-2 days off training each week. Your hard work in the gym only comes to fruition with adequate rest, that's where the magic happens!

What about my conditioning?!

Don't worry about this, we have you covered.

Whilst many of the days won't have you collapsing to the ground in the fetal position, you can be sure you will get more than enough conditioning work. 

Remember, the goal of this cycle is to build the foundations of strength, iron out our weaknesses and build aerobic capacity. With a stronger foundation, we can better support the higher intensity workouts.

If you feel you need the extra conditioning work, we recommend you join in on Sunday's 'Engine Work', a class programmed to build your aerobic base and develop your anaerobic capacity.

Testing Week

The first week after the Open we will have a Testing Week. As we are entering a strength cycle, we will be testing some of your 1-rep max lifts and some heavy MetCons, with some gymnastics thrown in for good measure.

Anything else I should know?


Take a look at the pyramid of fitness...


What serves as the pyramid's foundation?


To make the absolute most out of the next cycle you need to be eating enough food to support this training cycle. You need the best nutrition to optimise recovery, to fuel your training intensity, and to maximise your strength development.

During this training cycle, we are offering 2 months of our Individualised Nutrition Programming for just £115 (over a 15% discount!). This will start from day 1 of the new cycle, beginning Monday 4 April. If you are interested in trying out the Nutrition Programming, e-mail Coach Maria to get set up!