the change challenge

21 Feb 2016 – Looking back on The Change Challenge

The Change Challenge Crew at our Mid-Challenge Huddle

Saturday 13 February marked the end of CrossFit 1864's first ever Change Challenge and we can't say it enough... we are so proud of everything our crew achieved! And we're not just talking about the weight lost (loads), the centimetres dropped (so many), or the Gymnastics and Barbell PBs hit (all over the place!)! 

In addition to accomplishing all these things, our crew developed their mental strength and willpower, their confidence, and their knowledge of what they're eating and what their body needs to perform at its very best. They tried new things, fought through when they were struggling, and, most importantly, supported each other with funny photos, advice and recipe suggestions. 

We would like to give a special shout-out to a few of our Change Challenge Crew who went above and beyond....

The Best Food Photographer: Olivia Simpson

No one took to food paparazzi faster than Liv! Her instagram account is now chock-a-block with photos of her wicked scrummy, colourful, perfectly balanced meals. These photos not only showcase Liv's cookery skills, they also document the incredible change in attitude towards food and nutrition that she accomplished in just 6 weeks.

The Most Supportive: Matt Craig

Matt started the Challenge with a little bit more experience with clean eating and he was always happy to help when others had questions or concerns by sharing his advice and encouragement to his fellow Change Challenge Crew on everything from how to deal with mid-afternoon hunger pangs, to how to get the most out of your Compliance Tracking sheet (a proper Excel-whizz!)

The Most Improved: Arnie Bankhardt and Beth Massey

Our final shout outs go to our two Most Improved Athletes: Arnie and Beth. These two maintained an average of above 95% compliance during the entire Challenge, and their results show! Beth dropped 10% on her hip measurements and achieved her goal weight of 56 kg and Arnie lost a whopping 12% of his body weight, and over 8% on both his hip and waist measurements.

Check out their Before and After Photos!

Arnie's Before & After Photos

Beth before and after The Change Challenge

Congrats to all of our athletes on their accomplishments, keep up the good work!


CrossFit (11 am - Noon)

A) Conditioning
3 rounds for time:
50 Double Unders
25 Toes to bar
10 Snatch (50/35 kg)

* Time cap: 18 minutes

Competition Class (9.30 - 11.00 am)

A) Gymnastics
1) Muscle-ups: 1 set for max reps
- Rest 3-5 minutes -
A2) Perform 5 sets at 60% of A1

B) Conditioning
3 rounds for time:
50 Double Unders
25 Toes to bar
10 Snatch (60/40 kg)

* Time cap: 18 minutes

Foundations of CrossFit (8.30 - 9.30 am)

A) Strength
Strict press: 3-5 x 5

B) Conditioning
10 minute AMRAP:
5 Pull-ups (or x 10 Jumping)
10 Push press
15 Sit-ups

Are you ready to see if you're better than you were last year? To test your limits? To exceed your expectations?  To smash 5 weeks of epic WODs with your fellow Crazy Ones?

There's only one way to find out... Sign up for the 2016 CrossFit Open and join Team CrossFit 1864!

Check our recent blog post for more details on the Open.

Register via the CrossFit Games page here and make sure you choose CrossFit 1864 as your affiliate! 

It's your Open, make sure you're WODing to your jam! Don't forget to add your favourite WOD tunes to our Crazy Ones CrossFit Open playlist!

The Crazy Ones CrossFit Open 2016

03 Jan 2016 – Competition Classes start Sunday 10 January

We've heard your feedback and we know that many of you are looking to work on some of the more technical aspects of barbell and gymnastics movements, while even more of you are beginning to express an interest in CrossFit Competitions (who wouldn't?! They're super fun!) and wanting to know which competitions are appropriate for your level. 

Well, perhaps our new Competition Class is perfect for you?!

So, what is this class? 

  • A once per week, 90 minute class that will focus on the competitive aspects of CrossFit. 
  • The goal is to create an environment similar to that experienced in competitions as well as help prepare the athletes for the mental and physical obstacles they may face.

Whether you are looking at joining in the next CrossFit 1864 Throwdown, or looking at qualifying for one of the bigger UK or European competitions, this class will help get you prepared!

What will be involved in the 90 minute session?

These classes will follow the usual gym programming to keep consistency. However the workout weights, movements, etc. may be scaled up. As it is a 90 minute class, we will also have some extra components added in.

We will not spend time teaching the basic movements. We are expecting attendees to have these nailed down, or at least understand what is expected from certain movements. We will be focusing on more complex aspects, such as barbell cycling. The classes will run at a faster pace, so we recommend having a good understanding of the CrossFit lingo and terminology of different movements (especially the olympic lifting variations).

Basically we will not be holding your hand through the class!

Who is this class for? 

Absolutely anyone! As Greg Glassmans says ‘our needs differ by degree, not kind‘. It doesn’t matter if you have never competed before or you are a competition veteran. We all progress faster when we learn and train together!

There are no set requirements, no certain ‘ability level’, you just need a good attitude and a willingness to work hard and support your fellow classmates!

So if you are intrigued by the idea of CrossFit competitions, come and check the class out!

When is it? 

We are going to hold these classes on Sundays from 9:30 to 11:00am, with the first class beginning Sunday 10 January.

Any questions?

Email Coach Maria or Coach Phil and we'll be happy to help!


The Change Challenge Baseline

In 12 minutes:
Run 800 m
50 Air squats
40 Sit-ups
30 Kettlebell swings (24/16 kg)
20 Burpees

In remaining time, AMRAP "Cindy":
5 pull-ups
10 push ups
15 air squats

*Score is total reps completed

03 Dec 2015 – The Change Challenge: The Importance of Accountability

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s training by myself. It’s boring, there’s no one to laugh with, to commiserate with, and most importantly, there’s no one to push me. And no matter how physically and mentally strong you are, you will ALWAYS go harder if you have someone next to you either shouting for you, or doing the WOD alongside you, pushing just as hard. I’m pretty confident that I’m not alone in this – it’s why many of you joined CrossFit in the first place, right? Because you were bored at the gym, weren’t getting any results and loved the drive and community feeling you got from training with others.

What makes you think that your approach to nutrition should be any different than your approach to training? Accountability is just as important to training as it is to developing good nutritional habits. If you have a group of people that you are accountable to, that you have promised to work towards a goal with, that are making the same sacrifices and the same improvements as you, you are much more likely to stick with a nutrition plan than if you tried to tackle it all by yourself.

How much more enjoyable do you think developing our Five Habits will be if you can share your experiences with others, laugh about the funny looks people give you when you pull a pre-made snack box from your desk at work, and seek out advice when you can’t quite figure out the best way to store a slow cooker stew? Let me tell you…. LOADS.

And what about the age-old excuse: "I tried to stay away from pastries/sweets/alcohol, but my friends kept begging me to share the cake/chocolate/bottle of wine’ with them, so I had no choice!" Imagine how amazing it would be for your health and wellbeing if you could count on a group of friends to help you achieve your goals instead of pushing you further away from them? "I was having second thoughts about avoiding that brownie/chocolate/cocktail, but I spoke with my friends and they told me that they were sticking to their habits tonight and instead of going to the pub, we all went out for an amazing dinner." BOOMsauce.

During The Change Challenge, we will all be working together towards our goals. In addition to pre-, mid- and post-Challenge huddles and special events, we will also have a Change Challenge Members Only Facebook group where you can share your stories, reach out for encouragement or seek someone’s advice (or post food pictures, obviously).

Sound good? Sign up here to get involved or e-mail with any questions.

Did you know that you don't need to be a CrossFit 1864 member to get involved in the Challenge? We want you to get your family and friends involved... the more people you have around you working towards the same goals, the more successful you will all be! 

So if you know someone that you think would enjoy the Challenge or that you want to take on the Challenge along with you, get them involved! They will be able to join our huddles and also join in one CrossFit class per week, completely free of charge. All you need to do is send Coach Maria their name and e-mail address and we'll get in touch,


The Fourth Christmas Cracker: "Nancy"

5 rounds for time of:
400m run
15 Overhead Squats (42.5 / 30 kg)

*Time cap: 18 minutes
** If mobility is a restriction, scale OHS to Overhead lunges
*** Be sure to give a warm welcome to Coach Kat, who will be coaching her first classes at CF1864 on Thursday morning!