06 July 2019 - WOD


Competition Class


For Time:

30 Snatches (60/40 kg)
10 Ring muscle-ups
30 Clean & Jerks (60/40 kg)
10 Ring muscle-ups
30 Thrusters (60/40 kg)
10 Ring muscle-ups

* Scale muscle up to a dip variation
* Time cap: 25 minutes

Gymnastics Skill & Strength

A) Flexibility & Joint Strength

10-12 minutes of work on:
Wrist supports (30 seconds per side)
Left and right splits (30-60 seconds per side)

B) Strength: Levers

4 Sets of:
5-10 Ice cream scoop
30-60 seconds rest between sets

C) Strength

3 Sets of:
5-15 False grip ring pull-ups
10 High box jump (step down)

D) Strength & Skill: Handstands

10 minutes work on free standing handstand
* Scale with a spotter or chest-to-wall handstand

30-50 Strict handstand push-up


In teams of 2, complete for time:
45 Snatches (60/40 kg)
12 Ring muscle-ups
45 Clean & Jerks (60/40 kg)
12 Ring muscle-ups
45 Thrusters (60/40 kg)
12 Ring muscle-ups

* One person working at a time, split the work as needed
* Scale muscle up to a dip variation
* Time cap: 35 minutes

06 June 2019 - "Quarter Gone Bad"


A) Strength: Deadlift
1 x 3 @ 65%
1 x 3 @ 75%
1 x 3 @ 85% 1 x 3+ @ 85%
* If you performed the deficit deadlift in test week, do deficit today

B) Conditioning
"Quarter Gone Bad"
15 x 15 seconds on : 45 seconds off, alternating between:
Thruster (60/40 kg)
Weighted pull-up (20/10 kg)
* The thrusters & pull-ups should be heavy (strength day!)

30 May 2019 - WOD


A) Gymnasitcs Skill: Toes to bar
10 minute AMRep:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5....
Toes to bar
* Only unbroken sets count. If you miss a set, rest and try again
* Rest as little as possible between sets

B) Conditioning
3-4 x 3 minutes on : 3 minutes off:
10 Calorie row
10 Thruster (42.5/30 kg)
* Rx+: Perform 15 thrusters or increase load to 50/35kg
* Breathing in gears 2-4 only

23 Mar 2019 - The Final WOD of the 2019 CrossFit Open...


CrossFit Games Open 19.5 - Rx'd

For time:
Thrusters (95/65 lbs)
Chest-to-bar Pull-ups

* Time cap: 20 minutes

CrossFit Games Open 19.5 - Scaled

For time:
Thrusters (65/45 lbs)
Jumping Pull-ups

* Time cap: 20 minutes

Did you know that your coaches are such Smoooooth(ie) Operators??

For the final Post-WOD Feels of 2019, let us make you a celebratory smoothie once you finish Open 19.5!

Definitely don’t have one before…

Also, after all of our heats have finished, we’ll be announcing which team won the Best Post-WOD Feels, the top athletes and Spirit of Open 19.5 winners, and also our overall winner for the 2019 CrossFit Games!

22 Mar 2019 - Open 19.5 Skills & Strategy


A) Gymnastics: Kipping / Butterlfy pull-up practice

B) Barbell Pacing: Thrusters practice

2-3 rounds, where 1 round is:
400m Run @ fast pace 3 sets of X thrusters w/ 5-10 seconds between sets

* Perform a 400m run at a fast pace
* As soon as you return from the run perform 3 sets of thrusters, with 5-10 seconds between sets, with each being the same number of reps
* Goal: Find a set size that you can maintain when under fatigue use this set size from the start of 19.5!

19 Mar 2019 - The Top 3 Steps to Building a Strong Community at Your Box

I fell in love with CrossFit many moons ago.

Although the coaches I worked with in my beginnings were great and incredibly knowledgable, it wasn’t their cues, progressions or even their mid-WOD cheers that made CrossFit what it was (and is) to me.

Instead, it was the people that I worked out with that made me so passionate about the sport that I am now lucky enough to call my career. It was this community of athletes that busted their humps alongside me every day that made CrossFit great. I look back with fond memories of the box socials, competitions, high fives and Facebook bants (because Instagram wasn’t a ‘thing’ back then) of my CrossFit beginnings and think,

“Yes. That is what CrossFit is all about. The Buzzword to rule all Buzzwords… Community, with a Capital C”.

The Beginnings of CrossFit 1864

When we opened CrossFit 1864 in September 2014, I knew that our box would be exactly like the box I remembered from 2012. It was going to be just like the O.G. CrossFits, but with slightly nicer equipment. It was going to be small and a little bit gritty. It would be filled with people with no egos and no drama, just a solid work ethic and drive to do their best whilst enjoying their training. Most importantly, it was going to be all about the Community.

Imagine my horror when, mid-way through 2014, our small box was up and running, and it didn’t feel like that old community at all! Of course there were high fives after class and everyone was friendly, but it just wasn’t the same. To get some advice, I met up with a friend and fellow box owner. I begged him to tell me the secret to building a strong community. Do you know what he told me? There’s nothing you can do to create a community. It just happens.

He was only halfway right.

These are the Top 3 Steps to Building a Strong Community at your Box.

Step 1: Ask Questions

I’m not talking about asking your class how their day was at your whiteboard huddle. Any schmuck can do that.

I mean ask the real questions, like you’re on a second date kind of questions (because you are trying to start a relationship, right?!). Ask your members what they do for work, what they like about it, what they have coming up this week, what are their fears, hopes, dreams, aspirations, if they prefer crunchy or smooth peanut butter.

Step 2: Listen

You’d be amazed how much you can learn about a person simply by listening, and I mean really listening. You’ve asked them what they have coming up this week and they come back to you with a lackadaisical, “ I have this race thing I’m doing on Saturday. It’s no big deal or anything”.

Now, if you weren’t really listening, you might say, “That’s cool,” and start flicking through your playlists to find your favourite warm up tunes. But, if you’re really listening, you might hear a twinge of nervous excitement in their voice.

Now, repeat Step 1.
Ask them what the race is and why they’re doing it.

Come back to Step 2. They tell you that they’re doing a 10k in the park and this is the first time they’ve ever run more than 1 mile. Coincidentally, you happen to know that a couple of your other members are doing the same 10k (because you listened to them too, obvs) and now you can link up a team of people to support each other, and you know you have something to celebrate with this crew when Monday comes around!

Step 3: Take care of your space and encourage others to do the same

Our members used to make fun of me for the way I cleaned our box. Our kettlebells are arranged in colour order, wall balls are stacked neatly with their laces facing out, rings hanging perfectly aligned on the rig, ab mats in tessellated piles in the corner… the box is a thing of organisational beauty. When classes put their kit away, they were instructed to put things away “As Coach M would want it”.

And no one, I mean NO ONE, hollywood claps chalk at CrossFit 1864.

Eventually, this attention to detail created a culture at the gym where every member took care of the space and looked after their kit as if it was their own.

So, what do these three things have to do with creating a strong community?

Everything, Because they are all part of showing respect.

As mentioned before, my good friend and fellow box owner was half right. You can’t force members to cheer each other on in workouts. You can’t drag them along to box socials and expect them to have fun. Let’s be honest here, everyone at your gym is coming from different walks of life and I’m pretty confident that not everyone will be absolute best buds outside of the gym.

But, that is not what a strong community is.

Contrary to popular CrossFit belief, a strong community is not built through box socials, private member groups on Facebook, internal throwdowns, or charity events.

Instead, a strong community is forged through a foundation of mutual respect: Respect that you as a box owner or coach show to your members when you ask them questions and express a genuine interest in their lives. Respect and consideration by actively listening to what they say and responding in turn. And finally, showing respect to your gym, the physical foundations of your community, by keeping it clean, organised and in good condition.

“Attitude reflects leadership”

When you as a box owner, the leader of your community, take the steps to show this level of respect to your members and your gym, it spreads like wildfire. Not only do your members respect you for everything you do for the box and for them, they also show respect to your other members, and their fellow athletes. They start getting to know each other, asking questions, listening, empathising, encouraging, hanging out outside of the box, and eventually, even brushing chalk off of their barbells!

In my five years of experience as a box owner, I am confident that this is how a strong and unwavering community is built; not through High Fives, but with a solid dose of R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

I could not be more proud of the members and the community at CrossFit 1864, which, even though I’m nearly 5,000 miles away, I feel the power of every day.

Big love, you guys.


A) Strength
Thruster: Build to a 1 rep max

B) Conditioning
10 minute AMRAP:
8 Toes-to-bar
8 Dumbbell thrusters (15/10 kg)
12 Dumbbell walking lunges (15/10 kg)

03 Mar 2019 - WOD


Engine Work (Whole Life Challenge Baseline Re-test-ish)

At 00:00:
1000m Row
50 Thrusters (20/15 kg)
30 Burpees over the bar

At 12:00:
500m Row
25 Thrusters (20/15 kg)
15 Burpees over the bar

At 20:00:
250m Row
15 Thrusters (20/15 kg)
10 Burpees over the bar

Specialist Sundays

A) Skill Work
Every minute for 6 minutes:
1 Tall jerk
1 Behind-the-neck split jerk

B) Split jerk
: 6 x 2
* Perform 1 set every 2 minutes

C) Accessory

Complete 3-5 Supersets of:
3 Jerk dips with 3 second pause in the dip @ 80-110%
* Use lighter loads if you need to improve position
10/10 Single arm dumbbell press
10 Bent over barbell rows

Barbelles Lifting Class

A) Sumo Deadlift: 5 x 3 @ 85%

B) Accessory
B1) Barbell Hip Thrust: 3 x 10-12
B2) Staggered Stance RDL: 3 x 10-12

C) Skill Work (choose one)
3 x 5 Negative HSPU
3 x 20 seconds Handstand Hold
3 x 3 Freestanding headstand hold (without the wall)

01 Feb 2019 - Why is Coach Alice in the Open?

Alice is in the Open, are you?


A) Gymnastics Skill: Muscle-ups

B) Conditioning
Every 2 minutes for 8 minutes:
3 Muscle-ups
6 Burpees
9 Thrusters (42.5/30 kg)
* Nasal breathing only

Immediately into...

4 rounds for time:
3 Muscle-ups
6 Burpees
9 Thrusters (42.5/30 kg)
* Gear 4 (nose/mouth) allowed
* Time cap: 7 minutes

22 Jan 2019 - Join us for our Online Goal Setting Workshop

Got Goals?

Goals are instrumental to success in every area of your life. Goals give us direction. With a goal in mind, we know what we're working towards, we know our desired destination. In addition, they give us much-needed incentive. We want to achieve the goals we set, so we’re more likely to put in the time to be successful in reaching them.

But, setting goals (and sticking with them!) is HARD WORK and comes with plenty of questions!

How do I set a training goal?
How do I know what I need to do to hit my goal?
How long should I give myself to reach my target?
What happens if I don't achieve my goal in the timeframe I set??

To help you answer these questions, Coach Maria will be hosting an Online Goal Setting Workshop (via YouTube) on Sunday 27 January at 7.30 pm.

In the workshop, we’ll be discussing what goals are, working on exercises to help you pinpoint your goals, and then, we’ll work together to set your goals and put together an action plan to help you achieve them.

After the Goal Setting Workshop, we want to hear about the goals you have set! We will be sending out a link where you can sign up for one-to-one meetings to discuss your goals and your action plans.

Keep an eye on your email and Slack - we’ll be sending a link to the Goal Setting Workshop later this week.


A) Conditioning

”Prison Rules”

Every 15 seconds, for 4 minutes (16 rounds):
3 Power Snatch (42.5/30 kg)

- 1 minute rest -

Every 15 seconds, for 4 minutes (16 rounds):
3 Power Clean & Jerk (42.5/30 kg)

- 1 minute rest -

Every 15 seconds, for 4 minutes (16 rounds):
3 Thruster (42.5/30 kg)

B) Midline

24 x 20 seconds on : 10 seconds off, alternate between:

Forearm plank
Ab-mat sit-ups
Right side plank
Right side plank rotations
Left side plank
Left side plank rotations