are you ready to get fitter, faster, and stronger?

Are you ready to feel the best you've ever felt? Do you want to drop the monotonous gym routine and actually enjoy exercising? Have you heard your friends talking about how much they love CrossFit or how great they feel after a CrossFit workout? Or have you seen videos of CrossFit on Facebook or YouTube? Want to know the best way to find out more about CrossFit?

Try it out for yourself! 

There are two ways to start your CrossFit journey with us at CrossFit 1864...

New to crossfit or training?

To teach you the essential skills of CrossFit and ensure that you get the best possible beginning to your fitness journey, individuals new to training and CrossFit start with BaseCamp, our one-week Beginner's course. 

experienced crossfitter?

For current CrossFitters, we offer a taster session so that you can experience the expert coaching, excellent programming and supportive community we have at CrossFit 1864.

kickstart your fitness at basecamp


CrossFit 1864's one-week beginner's course, BaseCamp, is the best way to kickstart your fitness and start enjoying training again, all while learning the fundamental movements of CrossFit. 

  • The course is composed of three, 60 minute group classes and is limited to only four students.
  • Each class is coach-led from start to finish and includes a general warm-up and coaching on the movements of the day, followed by the workout and a cool-down.
  • You'll also be getting regular e-mails from your coaches summarising what you did in your session and giving you extra tips and pointers to help you get a better understanding of what we do at CrossFit 1864.

The workouts in BaseCamp are varied and include elements of gymnastics, cardio-based exercises like running and rowing, and weighted movement likes squats, deadlifts and presses. We combine these movements into a high intensity training program designed to get results. By the end of BaseCamp, you will have received loads of  individualised coaching on the common movements of CrossFit and you'll be ready to join in our group classes!

To congratulate you on completing BaseCamp, you will also receive a free session into one of our regular classes!

The cost of our Beginners Course is just £100, and there is no obligation beyond this.

BaseCamp was just what I needed as a beginner: quality time with a super friendly coach learning new skills, a little WOD at the end and most importantly, a really enjoyable experience. I knew after the first session that I wanted to be part of CrossFit 1864.
— Aoife Woulfe, Member since November 2017

ready to sign up?

Click below to register for our next course. Once we have your details, one of our coaches will be in touch to introduce themselves, learn more about you and your goals, and make sure you have everything you need to have a great BaseCamp experience!

Have questions?

Do you have questions about the course or want to speak with one of our coaches before signing up? Click below to let us know your details and we'll be in touch soon to arrange a convenient time for a "No Sweat" One-to-One introductory chat with one of our coaches.

If you are currently CrossFitting and just moved to our neighbourhood or are looking for a new box, we'd love to have you in for a free taster session so you can learn more about what we offer at CrossFit 1864! Click below to let us know your details and we'll be in touch soon to arrange your taster session.

Ready to sign up?

You can purchase your membership package online or contact us and we can help you get set up. We look forward to working with you!

We love meeting travelling CrossFitters and welcoming them to our box! If you are an experienced CrossFitter visiting London and would like to drop in to one of our sessions, all you need to do is book in to a class by clicking below. From there, you will be able to set up your account and pay the drop-in fee of £20. If you would like to join us for more than one session, please contact to learn more about our 1-Week Drop-in Package.