Sometimes you need that little extra help to get you to your goals, whether that involves personalised guidance on your nutrition to shed a few extra pounds, or an individualised training programme designed to iron out your weaknesses. At CrossFit 1864, we offer a series of packages that can be added on to your membership – Personalised Nutrition Programming, Skill Development Packages and P3: Personalised Programming – to help provide you with all the tools you need to realise your true potential.

Every successful training programme begins with nutrition. You get out of your body what you put into it and, without a solid understanding and commitment to improving your nutrition, no matter how hard you train, you will never reach your best level of health and fitness. We advise eating clean, whole, natural foods, but there is no 'One Size Fits All' approach. With our personalised nutrition programming, following an initial assessment, we individualise your nutrition based on your specific needs. 

Unlike many other nutrition plans, we aren't trying to put you on a diet. Instead our aim is to help you develop good habits and find the nutrition strategies that work for you, your lifestyle, your training, and your goals, whether it's weight loss, muscle gain, or performance. 

On CrossFit 1864's Nutrition Programming since September 2015, Natasha has lost over 13 kg and over 10 cm from her hips and waist, whilst continuing to work towards her goal of competing in CrossFit*.

I have worked with other nutritional coaches but none come close to the quality I receive when working with Maria at CrossFit 1864. Maria has personal experience when it comes to the athletic goals I have, and thus helps to complement her sound nutritional coaching even more! Regular check-ins let me know that she not only cares, but is dedicated to helping me achieve the results I want. Since working with Maria, I have developed a much better and healthier relationship with food, and continue to progress and learn.
— Natasha, testimonial*

Click here to sign up to our Nutrition Programming or e-mail for more details.

Membership to CrossFit 1864's Nutrition Programming is £69 per month.

One of the best things about CrossFit is the variety. In just one session, you might take on a complex gymnastics movement and an olympic lift, then finish it all off with some rowing. This variety keeps it exciting, but it also means that there are many different things to learn and practice! For our athletes looking to spend that extra bit of time and get some individualised coaching to hone their technique, CrossFit 1864 offers "Skill Development Packages". 

These packages not only provide the extra guidance you need to improve your gymnastics or lifting technique; they also give you the flexibility to decide how much time you want to spend working on your skill.

You can get started with our Skill Development Packages in just three easy steps...


Step #1: Pick a Skill

STEP #2: PICK A level

We offer three different levels for our Skills Development Packages:

Basics: Our Basics package is perfect for the athlete wanting to try a movement for the first time, or looking to learn the primary points of performance for an olympic or power lift. The Basics package includes one 60 minute session with a CrossFit 1864 coach.

Fine Tuning: Our Fine Tuning package is designed for the athlete looking to not just nail the basics of their selected movement, but to fine tune the technical aspects, making sure they are as effective and efficient as possible. The Fine Tuning package includes three 60 minute sessions with a CrossFit 1864 coach.

Chasing Mastery: Our final level is the most comprehensive. Not only will your coach teach you the basics and fine tune the mechanics of your movement, we will also give you additional strength and accessory work to ensure you are constantly progressing with your movement. The Chasing Mastery package includes five 60 minute sessions with a CrossFit 1864 coach.


STEP #3: book your package on team-up

Once you've selected your skill and picked a level, all you need to do is book your package on Team-up!

Click the level you would like below and purchase the package via Team up. A coach will be in touch with you shortly to find out more about your goals and schedule your sessions.




We are very excited to announce the launch of P3, our new Personalised Programming Package at CrossFit 1864! Perfect for any of our members working towards a specific goal (training for that next marathon?!) or looking to iron out weaknesses, whether they be in barbell strength, technique, gymnastics or mobility.


  • One 60-minute PT session per month, where you will meet with your coach to go over your goals, discuss your programme and assess your movement (and teach you any movements or drills).
  • After your PT session, you will receive four weeks' of 2-3 sessions of individualised programming suited to your goals and ability to complement your current training in our group sessions.
  • Athletes on P3 will also have access to our Open Gym to work on their individual programmes. 
...Phil’s approach with the P3 programming has been to identify the key areas that need attention during our one-to-one sessions and with that information, he has developed a personal program to address what I need to progress. Each week, my program is updated with my feedback, which is then tweaked by Phil to ensure improvements and progress are being made. As a seasoned CrossFitter, I couldn’t recommend the P3 Programme highly enough, especially for anyone who feels they need to take their training to the next level.
— Sasha, testimonial*

To be eligible for P3, you must currently be on our Unlimited package. P3 is £79 per month, on a rolling month-to-month basis.

E-mail for more details.