Welcome to CrossFit 1864


At its heart, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning methodology aimed at developing well-rounded fitness. 

It achieves this not only through its effective approach to training, but also through a community based around support, trust and accountability to one another. 

Located in Poplar Business Park in East London, at CrossFit 1864 we believe that CrossFit is about being fit, strong and balanced, whatever that means for you: competing in CrossFit or in another sport, losing those few extra kilos, keeping up with your kids, meeting new, like-minded people, or getting out of a chair when you’re 85. We prioritise your experience and the elements of your training that actually help you get fitter, faster, stronger and live a healthier life. As a small gym with a tight-knit and supportive community, we get to know everyone individually – your goals, your background and what you are hoping to achieve from training – and we do everything we can to ensure you hit these goals.


Amazing box with a super friendly and highly skilled team of coaches. You feel very welcome and looked after from the moment you drop in. The community is really cool and I felt at home immediately. I couldn’t recommend CrossFit 1864 more!
— Diego B., testimonial
I joined the box a few months ago to diversify my training and increase my overall strength and conditioning. Not being a gym enthusiast, I was quite scared of what I would find! But the people at CrossFit 1864 made me feel super welcome and the coaches have been absolutely great (banter included). I am now a lot stronger, but also feel part of a community that I really like.
— Elisa P., testimonial
I joined CrossFit 1864 to improve my overall fitness. What I got was not only a vast improvement in my strength, gymnastics and conditioning, but also access to fantastic coaching and a wonderful community of welcoming, genuine and FUN people. There is a place for everyone, from beginner to competitor and every level in between and all are cheered on every step of the way.
— Catherine G., testimonial
CrossFit 1864 isn’t your run of the mill box! I was very anxious when I turned up for my first session, but by the end I was hooked. The coaches and community are super welcoming and supportive, as well as amazingly fun to be around. I could never go back to a regular gym!
— Ollie H., testimonial

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